Chess for Blind or Visually Impaired – Style: Best Seller

These chess sets are designed specially with easily differentiable squares and pieces. The chess boards have raised and recessed squares. The pieces have points or pegs atop one color of chessmen. 

The selection of chess sets begins with our newest solid wood design in sheeshamwood and boxwood. It's our premium 16" square board with 3.75" pieces that are finished with extra care. The pegs fit into the board much better than other designs and the board has a better finish than most. The points on top the pieces are more refined than the peg styles on other sets.

The next chess set is similar in size with a more rough and rugged finish. This chess set with 3.75" pieces is enjoyed by many of our customers for a good number of years already.

Lastly, the smallest 12" x 12" design offers 3.25" tall plastic pieces and arrives at a much lower price but still plays well. 

If you should purchase one and change your mind on any design, we offer easy returns or exchanges.


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"Here's my favorite demo board for leading a chess class. Easy to see pieces. Easy to move pieces. Love having the red stars to highlight squares... can even pull out the dowel in the bottom edge of the demo board to use as a pointer when talking about diagonals, ranks, files, etc!"

Elliott Neff, author of a Pawn's Journey