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The Scout Chessmen


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I'm very, very happy with these pieces. I looked high and low for an inexpensive wood tournament-sized set with good styling and proper proportions, and these pieces really fit the bill. They're nicely weighted and have a classic design. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wood tournament set or a first, inexpensive full-size wood set for home.
- John

includes 2 white drawstring bags

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Coral and Black Marble

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Sets from Greece

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Timeless on Flex Pad

Save $10 with CYBER10

Fast service, beautiful pieces, great board. So excited to take this set to college with me!
- Martin

Play Chess Solo

with an electronic chess computer

As you make moves, a light press on the square is all that it takes to play the built in computer. Play at many levels and even connect it to other chess apps with optional "Chess Link".

> Play any time
> Learning openings and strategy

> Human like and adaptable play at all levels
> Exciting Chess960 variant play built in
> Future proofed with app and internet play via ChessLink Bluetooth add-on.

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Play anywhere with independent long-lasting power source. (Add-on for Exclusive or King Performance)

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Play the computer any time at a wide range of levels from beginner to pro!

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Genius Pro AC Power alternative to 3AA Batteries.

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Roll-up Electronic Board

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Play the Exclusive

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Genius Pro

Play Solo any time and Save $30 with PRO30

I bought this for my adult son - he has fallen in love with the game of chess. He had been complaining about how most "computer" games are just too difficult and do not give him a chance as a beginner. He LOVES this Chess Genius has levels that allow him to actually make it through a game and work on piece development and even his end game. He likes using the 'hint' feature to double check his planned moves.
- Daniel

the Inspiration

Youthful, weighted plastic pieces on our premium flex mat

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Emisario Deluxe

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Quality Regulation

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Inspiration Set

Choose Color & Save $10 with CYBER10

Beautiful set
Great customer service. The package arrived on time. The shape of pieces are beautiful and simple, the colors of pieces (although it seems obvious) and the board are well-toned and elegant with a nice touch, the extra weights make the pieces very stable, and finally the sizes of pieces and the board are as described.
- Mehrdad

Unique & Exclusive



U.S. Made exquisite characters


Swiss Precision


Elegant magnetic and suede

The craftsmanship is brilliant. It’s great to have a board that I can fold into a smaller form. Creating a travel case for the whole set, ready for staycations. A quality feel and weight to the board. A simple design that shows off the engineering of the wood. Very happy with my purchase.