Time with Dad

Time with Dad

My 5 year old lights up when we get to explore chess together. Really I've been surprised how much she likes the game and asks me to sit down with her and play. I just take 5 minutes... 15 minutes here and there and make time to discover another chess move with together.  

This time I decided to just capture some moments. There's nothing quite as heart-warming as seeing your child learn and discover in a safe place. And there's nothing complicated about it. It was just an idea to get a chess set in her hands and start exploring the pieces and how they can move.

We're not "studying" chess at this age. We're just having a lively chat about the comic and character of the pieces and how they move on the board and discover their abilities. I just surf her attention span and grab those moments of "dad, can we play chess again?".

Our relationship is special and chess is dynamic space for play and conversation that lights up both our worlds. She's doing well in kindergarten and I'm making a small effort to put mind-building activities in front of her. She gets to watch some shows, but her favorite thing is time with dad in this completely creative space that has reassuring order to it.

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Add storage

Kids aren't known for putting things away. But her chess set is a prized possession and putting the pieces back in their pens is fun for her. She asks me to help roll up the board. It can fold for storage too, but the deluxe bag fits a roll-up nicely. Our other set is held in white drawstring bags.

Learn together

At 5 years old, she shows me ideas from the blue Rules of Chess pamphlet and we play them on the board. Soon, we'll walk through the Rules of Chess booklet that will enable us to gain some additional new concepts around strategic and checkmating. The video by Elliott is organized so well in brief concepts. She likes his very easy-to-listen-to presentation style.  

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