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This game of chess with clean lines is typical of timeless Bauhaus style. Josef Hartwig's chessmen, designed in 1923, have characteristically reduced forms which, in contrast to commonly used figures, are symbols based purely on the function and form of the manoeuvre of each piece. Cubes, cylinders and balls lead you move by move to checkmate.

Bauhaus replicas produced by Naef are classics in the true sense of the word. An archaic use of forms which these objects suggest is characteristic of this collection. Products with the Naef logo (placed in the background) stand for the highest precision and quality in wood processing. Adults and children the world over, are inspired by the harmony of the visible and technical durability of these objects which in turn, encourage creativity and develop the senses during play.

Fascinating, aesthetic, ingenious. The objects possess all these features, yet each one has its own individual character. One first understands this when held in the hand. Apart from the concept behind them, it is the quality of the workmanship which makes Bauhaus play objects so special. Respect for the material, wood and handcrafted with extreme care, result in this unique quality.


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