Chess Learning Resources

Chess Learning Resources

ANYONE—including YOU—can have fun with chess!

Here are strategies for learning and mastering the game.


Your goal

Learning chess can be a solo adventure, a parent-child journey, or a group learning experience.

Whichever it is, a few suitable resources will ensure it is rewarding and exciting.

Here at Chess House, we have helped countless people like yourself chart a path to success with chess whether the goal is to win a few more games or to reach a Master title!



Starting Out in Chess

As you begin exploring the game play, rules, and strategies, momentum builds and you'll be looking forward to more!

Chess should be fun -- and often a challenge. It's an exercise of the mind which will yield breakthroughs and frequent exhilarating discoveries.

A good foundation is built with strategies learned in an ideal order.

There are a myriad of excellent resources available, but some caution is needed to avoid resources that promote bad habits or leave out fundamental concepts.


Recommended Resources

Through the years, some resources have proven exceptional, reliable, and always in demand.

Here are some of the best with the reasons they may be applicable to you.


The Rules of Chess

Rules of ChessThis digital guide will introduce anyone to the game of chess with 14 topics on the basics of chess along with fun activities to setup and play.

Each of the concepts in this guide are also shown on videos you can watch right here.




A starter chess set of the club style is perfect for beginning chess players. Should you play with friends or take it to a club, it's the most versatile setup. 

Combine this with an instructional DVD and book, and you'll be very pleased.

Chess Set

  • Basic Club Chess Set

DVD instruction

  • Elliott's Chess School #1
  • Elliott's Chess School #2


  • Chess Rules for Students
  • Checkmate Ideas for Students
  • Chess Tactics for Students