Checkmate! Ideas for Students - Bain

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About The Checkmate! Ideas for Students - Bain

There are many beginner books, which contain detailed information on checkmate, and many advanced books that solely cover checkmate, but there are very few beginner books that only contain detailed information on checkmate. John Bain's Checkmate! Ideas for Students is a book aimed at beginners (the only required knowledge is movement of the pieces) that specifically and only covers checkmate ideas in great detail.

One of the strengths of Checkmate! is that it covers the mechanics of the checkmating process in great detail, not only with explanations, but also with diagrams with arrows and circles to pinpoint the key features. Unlike many other basic checkmate books, Checkmate! categorizes the checkmate by the tactical motif used to force the mate (like attraction, double check, or removal of the guard) rather than the pattern of the checkmate itself. This approach provides a fresh view on the concept, and thus would work well in conjunction with another checkmate book, should the student desire more examples or wish to use Checkmate! as a second workbook. And workbook it is.

Like Bain's other books, Checkmate! is full of examples followed by problems. There is either one example and three problems or four problems on a page. Checkmate! contains 55 pages of discussion and problems plus 12 pages of answer key at the back. As a bonus Bain reviews algebraic notation and recording moves at the front and opening, middlegame, and endgame principles in the back. One improvement that Bain makes over his recommended Chess Tactics for Students book is that the hints are not next to the problem statement. This makes it easier to hide the hint if you don't want to use it.

Unlike his tactics book, Checkmate! is inexpensively bound, but the incredibly reasonable price of $5.00 makes this understandable and enables the book to be a real bargain. Just this reason would be enough to strongly recommend Checkmate! for beginners of all ages.

  • 55 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Published: June, 2002
  • Notation: Algebraic Notation

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Karen Jensen
Love this!

As a beginner learning on my own I was having a hard time recognizing checks and mates and the whats and whys of how they come about. This book is incredible. If you're learning, or want to fine tune your knowledge and skills, you can't beat it. Best $5 I ever spent.

Ernest Brooks
Your title is misleading. It is not for beginning students.

I thought I was buying a book for beginning students to learn how to play chess. This book is for high school students who know the basic moves for the chess players. I would not recommend this book to anyone to buy for middle age children/youth to learn how to play chess.

Gary Krugjohn
CHECKMATE! Ideas for students

I perused the book, looks like what my 7 year old Grandson could rap his head around ( eventually). I am a small business owner myself and I am impressed with your follow ups and genuine concern for customer satisfaction. Good luck to you guys and will eventually get a board from you.
Blue skies,
Gary Krugjohn

Greg Ross
Nice book

Very good beginner book.

RJ Rajaonarivelo
Superb customer service

Highy recommended to all levels of players and clubs, high quality merchandises at an affordable price.