Millennium Chess Computer Exclusive - Luxe Edition

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About The Millennium Chess Computer Exclusive - Luxe Edition

With this luxury-class electronic chess board, play on a beautiful chess board with chess apps or online on Lichess. Accessories and cables are concealed inside.

The Exclusive Luxe Edition is the most luxurious electronic chess board and a real visual highlight at home. The Exclusive Board with fully automatic piece recognition and LED move display stands on a noble wooden pedestal, the Luxe Cabinet. This contains a drawer lined with velvet in which you can perfectly store the included accessories ChessLink and ChessVolt including all cables and the pieces.

Combined with the elegant new Luxe Cabinet, the chessboard is elevated and free of distractions so that you can focus on making good moves.

The Exclusive Board features the worldwide unique piece recognition system, which provides for the most comfortable playing experience. The usual "pressing" on the board is no longer necessary - move or slide the pieces as naturally as on a classic chess board.

The Luxe Edition brings the power of online chess to the luxurious electronic chessboard in front of you. Play others remotely while enjoying the stress-free benefits of a real chess board with Exclusives fully automatic piece recognition and LED move display.

Unique in Luxe Edition

  • Luxe Cabinet - New design highlights your Exclusive and stores your components beneath for distraction-free play.
  • ChessLink - Integrated ChessLink module lets you play online on your board via the popular lichess platform, or via the HIARCS app.
  • ChessVolt - Power your chessboard with the integrated ChessVolt to experience your chess game wherever you want.

With the ChessLink module and free apps, you can play online on Lichess and For professional tournaments, you can use the platform. You play directly on the board - against millions of people around the world! Your opponent's moves are displayed with the LEDs on the board. Enjoy real gaming experience and concentration while playing online like never before.



    • Exclusive Board surface size: 15.75" x 15.75" x .78" (40 x 40 x 2 cm)
    • Square Size: 1.625'' (4.13 cm)
    • Wooden board with automatic rapid piece detection sensors
    • Display of chess moves: 81 single-field LED (each 4 per field)
    • Power supply and connection with adapters for international sockets.
    • ChessVolt Lithium external power pack for 10+ hours of play on a charge.

    Included in Box

    • Wooden sensory chessboard
    • Wooden chessmen
    • Luxe Cabinet
    • ChessVolt
    • ChessLink
    • Power supply with adapters EU/GB/US (240V / 110V)
    • Connection cables
    • Printed Manual

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    Product Specs

    Board Size
    Square Size
    King Height
    King Base

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Greg Houghton
    slowly shipped me a 2nd hand chess board

    took over 2 months to ship my chess board (thanks to FEDEX) - to be fair chess house were helpful in chasing fedex ... but still, chess house chose fedex - so they take some responsibility.
    when finally my board arrived, the felt squares that the customer is supposed to install using the template were already installed in the wrong spot, and the drawer that houses the components is broken. this seems to me like I was shipped a chess board someone else returned. poor customer experience for me.

    Ross Brown
    Expensive, but great Chess Board

    I bought this board as I found myself struggling to play over the board chess and missing basic tactics and blunders, due to playing online so much. It has exceeded my expectations, everything plays very smoothly and you never even have to look at your phone, since the LEDs show you every move clearly.

    The only downside is the provided ChessLink app - it's not incredibly well made and you can only play on lichess, however I found out today the board is supported by the app (on android only I believe). I've played a few games and they've done a great job implementing the board - the UI is simply 2 big timers and a small preview of the game, with the usual subtle sounds for moves, checkmate, resignation etc.

    If the creators of the board read this, here are some suggestions for the ChessLink app:
    - Make it so we can customise which sounds we want, for example the piece moving sound is very annoying, but if you turn off sounds you need to keep checking your phone to see if the other player resigns.
    - Maybe make the UI while in-game a little cleaner, like the one.

    Other than that it's a pretty incredible board, and everyone I show it to is always impressed with the technology.

    Hieu Tran
    Fun To Play

    This set took my chess playing experience to another level. I can play with anyone around the world on the real board with real pieces like you do on the phone or PC. RIDF technology is amazing. Once the board is connected to the app, I can focus 100% playing on the actual board instead of a screen. Setup instruction is very easy and I bought a rotating swivel to quickly switch side according to the game. For the price, hopefully it will last as long as advertised. I don’t think I can afford another one if it breaks after a few years. Overall, the set is amazing.