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15 minutes of play and learning builds creative and spatial skills.

This is Evan. He builds radio controlled aircraft from scratch, flies them to their limits, and find ways to improve their designs.

Meet Evan. He doesn't just play chess. He pushes the limits of RC airplanes.

Evan is 14 and lives in South Dakota where it is always windy. But that doesn't stop him from testing his next flying invention.

Sometimes it's a kit. More often it is foam board, his laser cutter, modified plans, and big dose of creative drive.

If a plane doesn't fly well, either it is modified until it does, or his brother is invited to shoot it out of the sky with his airsoft gun during some low passes.

Between his school classes, Evan is always building something, 3d printing a part, and rapidly testing his ideas.

Evan plans to fly airplanes in the future like his dad. Right now he is in the junior program with the USAF Civil Air Patrol program.

Why Evan Plays Chess

Evan enjoys playing chess with his siblings and in the local chess club. It's not only fun to compete, it challenges him to visualize possibilities on the chess board. He makes a plan with the team of chess pieces, his resources to put towards a goal.

Every game is a fresh new space to play. Winning is lots of fun. Losing is just a chance to learn something new.

His Favorite Chess Set

Evan's personal chess set that he plays at home and takes to the club is the Stealth Combo shown below. It has silicone pieces, a flex mat, and storage for everything.

His pieces are blue and green with a green board.

You Can Play Too

Even if you're completely new to chess, all you need to get started is:

  • a chess set
  • a beginner resource

Even a family member can show you how to play. And if you want to improve more, there are a few additional resources you can get to grow your skills later!

Start with a Chess Set Below

It's that simple really, just choose one of these sets and begin playing at home!


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