Flex Pad Club Chess Board (USA)

Product Code: E010-0001

  • $11.50

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Product Details

The flex pad chessboard offers even more convenience than most roll-up vinyl chess boards in that it lays flat every time and can be both rolled-up and folded. The smooth playing surface interacts well with club style or any felt based pieces. Regulation size, the board is flexible for personal, club, or school use. Pair it with any standard size club or collectable chess pieces and you are in the game fast.

Because it's a mere 1/16 inch thick, it's easy to store roll-up style in a bag with loop or an enclosed carrying case. Roll it up with the squares facing outwards for best results.

  • Board size: 20" x 20"
  • Square size: 2 1/4"
  • Weight: 9.8 oz (40% heavier than vinyl board)
  • Thickness: 1/16"
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Love the butter!

So much has been said about the color of the white pieces in this set but I love the butter yellow! Really makes it stand out from every other set. PLUS - This is just an amazing set of chess pieces. Solidly made with a good heft that makes a satisfying thud with every move. Really happy with this purchase!!

I ordered my set with a green vinyl board and I'm loving the board too. The green and buff colorway is just right and it looks like it's going to last a good long time.

One of my black pawns was a bit deformed (hey, they're plastic - this stuff happens) but chesshouse sent me out a new one no questions asked. Great product, great service!!

Flex board

Great board, very happy with this order, price ,shipping, and quality were all great.

Great Boards

What I like most about these boards are the variety of colors. No where else can you get these colors. Everyone else sells the same tired colors. These flex pad boards lay flat, don't wrinkle like silicone or vinyl boards and can be either folded or rolled up for storage. I have four colors right now (Skyblue, Dark Red, Olive and Saddle Brown). I plan on ordered more colors.

The package arrived quickly and in excellent shape.

good quality, unusual color

The yellow color is extremely unusual on this great plastic chess set. If you are ok with the color then this set would be 5 stars for you. I would assume however that most people would have preferred a more neutral tone (sand, camel, natural etc etc)

Beyond the color the weight of the pieces and their shape is great, one of if not the best plastic set out there. These pieces are larger than the more common club sized pieces (ones with 1,5 inch king base) and so look far more at home on the 2.25 inch squares board and perhaps an even larger (2 3/8 inch squares)

Once these sets sell out (which may take awhile due to color) and a new batch is ordered using more standard color (I am almost sure yellow must have been by mistake) I would gladly order another set. Or two.

Again over all great set, but just shy of being a legendary one that it could have been.


Service was great.I ordered wrong color by accident but they changed it for me. I like this more than the vinyl one as you can fold and it doesn’t make a mark. There is a really strong smell when you first use it. I left it outside to air for 2 days and smell seemsto be gone.

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