3 3/4" DGT Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces Weighted

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About The 3 3/4" DGT Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces Weighted

Made from high quality, sturdy plastic, DGT electronic chess pieces are the most affordable option for use with DGT electronic chess boards. The pieces are carefully designed and weighted to create that extra robust feel, avoid breakage from drops and enhance the experience of your chess game. The set is tournament size, with king height measuring 95mm / 3.75” and includes extra Queens. Includes a protective cardboard storage box with magnetic front flap.

Can be used with any DGT E-board or DGT Smartboard or use them as non-Electronic pieces!   These pieces are NOT compatible with DGT Centaur

  • King height: 3.75" (95 mm)
  • Base size: 1 11/16"  (42.5 mm)
  • King weight: 2.1 oz
  • 34 Chessmen
  • Set weight: 38.4 oz

Product Specs

King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

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Brendan Wood
Good quality pieces to carry around

I am not comfortable with bringing my Ebony or Classic wood sets around to friend's houses, so I purchased this for mobile use. They fit well in my eboard carry bag and they also look quite nice when set up, they don't look like cheap plastic. They are also weighted so there's a nice feel to them. The underside is felt, as opposed to the Centaur pieces which have a plastic film on the bottom.

Awesome set!!

These arrived early. They work flawlessly. As always, excellent service, and experience with Chesshouse.

3-3/4" DGT Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces

Good chess pieces for the DGT Smart Board. They are adequately weighted except for the pawns which tip over easily. They have a good feel to them but obviously not as good a feeling or sound as wood. I spray lacquered them to give them more of a shine and look of marble (especially the black pieces). I also added green felt to the bottom to make them look more like traditional wooden pieces and to dampen the thud when picking them up and putting them down on the Smart Board.

R Holden
3 3/4" DGT Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces Weighted

I recently purchase the new DGT-enabled plastic pieces from Chess House. Chess House certainly met my expectations regarding my purchase. The delivery was prompt and indeed professional in all respects. Thanks Chess House for doing a great job again.

With respect to the pieces, I like them very much. The weighting is much more substantial than the wooden pieces that came with the original board and set. And the pricing is considerably less than the special weighted Ebony or FIDE sets DGT has available. I am happy with the purchase and have not regrets regarding my decision to purchase the set from Chess House.

Tom L.
My thoughts on the DGT electronic plastic pieces

I recently purchased the new DGT-enabled plastic pieces from Chess House. And first, before I get into the actual review of the pieces, let me mention that Raphael and Chess House once again met and exceeded my expectations. The delivery was prompt and Chess House's handling of everything was very professional. So kudos to them, as always.

As for the pieces, I like them but they're a bit unusual looking--especially the knight, and may not be everyone's cup of tea. The weighting on them is very nice, so definitely no complaints there. I think they may be the heaviest weighted DGT electronic set, if you discount the special weighted Ebony or FIDE sets that DGT has available, (at a VERY premium price I might add--easily several hundred dollars). I think the look is novel and not at all bad. So you should look over the pictures that are available on the Chess House web site, so you're not surprised. I'm happy with the purchase, so no regrets here.