DGT Pegasus Chess Computer

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About The DGT Pegasus Chess Computer

The DGT Pegasus is an electronic chess board dedicated to online play.

Play chess with friends globally on Chess.com and Lichess, all without having to stare at a computer screen to play.  

    No screens, just natural game play

    After connecting with an opponent online using one of several app options, you can set aside your phone or tablet and concentrate fully on the board. You will see your opponent's moves via pulsing LED rings on the board.  Sensors in the board detect when you've moved a piece, providing a more natural game play experience.  


    Who is this for? 

    This chess computer offers something for everyone, from the beginner looking to learn from playing against the computer on a physical board, to the online player looking to get away from screen based 2D chess, to the serious competitive player wanting to play, and then export and analyze the game in detail using popular chess software. 


    Product Features

    • Bluetooth connectivity to Android and iOS devices
    • Illuminating squares to indicate the computer's move or highlight an illegal move
    • Creates a PGN to analyze and share
    • Lithium battery provides hours of portable use between recharging
    • Innovative, DGT designed chess pieces
    • The board currently connects to DGT's new DGT Chess App (IOS or Android) and the Chess.com app (only Android version at this point).
    • The DGT Chess app is available in the Google Play Store and App Store.
    • MANUAL


    Box contents

    • DGT Pegasus chess board
    • Designer chess pieces
    • Drawstring bag for chess pieces
    • Phone standard
    • Charging cable


    Product Specifications

    • Board size: 35 x 35 x 1,9 cm (13.75" x 13.75" x .75")
    • Square size: 1.5"
    • Board and pieces weight: 16 oz.


      Technical specifications

      • Power - Supplied via USB cable, 5V.
      • Battery voltage - 3.7 V
      • Battery - 1000 mAh – Lithium ion.
      • Housing Pegasus chess board - ABS plastic housing with a high quality printed chess board surface.
      • Bluetooth information - BT Low Energy
      • Bluetooth wireless technology operating frequency - 2.4 gHz
      • Bluetooth wireless technology maximum output power - 2.5 mW


      Product Specs

      Board Size
      Square Size

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      DGT Pegasus Online Chess Board

      This is my third digital chess board I have bought. I bought a millennium pro as my first board, DGT Centaur as my second board and I’ve had my Pegasus board now for nearly 3 weeks.
      I was a bit hesitant in buying the Pegasus because of the software issues it had at launch. But after reading that DGT started from scratch and released the version 2 update, and watching reviews of the Pegasus board with the latest update, I took the plunge and bought it.
      The Pegasus firstly is the perfect size and weight for when I’m travelling. I play chess all the time and I love playing on a physical board then a computer monitor.
      Since I have first switched on the Pegasus, it’s been nearly flawless. My only gripe is when you take a piece. You have to remove the piece you’re taking before moving your piece in that position.
      I hoped it would be like the Centaur in that regard. But other than that, after 200 or so games played on it online so far, it’s been as smooth as silk. I have Lichess and Chess.com on the DGT app and I’m having a great time playing opponents from around the world on both platforms.
      The board itself is just as I expected, well built for the price. It’s not too big for travelling. DGT has come up with the right size so you can take it anywhere without it being too small.
      The pieces are a good size and nice looking with a nice weight about them.
      I was going to buy the SquareOff Pro instead of the DGT Pegasus and I’m very glad I bought the Pegasus over the SqOff Pro. I like the idea of roll up chess board, but I play with the Pegasus on my lap most of the time. That was one of the reasons why I didn’t buy the SqOff Pro, if there’s no table available, it starts to get limited in where you can play it.
      I’ve already played my Pegasus from my local cafe to a hotel room on my bed, and so far it’s been a joy to play online opponents on.
      5 out 5 stars for me especially when DGT does a firmware upgrade on how pieces are taken.

      Arnel D
      Software improvement needed.

      I got my DGT Pegasus and it works but with some annoying problem. The manufacturer should address the following:

      1.) Order specific capture. To avoid your piece capture move not recognized you have to perform the piece captures in a very specific order where you have to remove first the piece to be captured and replace it with the piece that captures it. If you do the reverse where you first lift the piece that will capture and put that on the square of captured piece the eboard has high chance of not recognizing the move and you may not be able to continue the game or you lose on time against your opponent while trying to fix the problem. I have DGT Centaur and regardless of which order I make the capture the Centaur always recognizes that a capture has been made. I hope DGT will release a firmware or software update that will fix this issue as this is not acceptable. In blitz when you are already on time scramble you might forget to perform the order-specific capture required by Pegasus and when the eboard fails to recognize the move and you try to fix it you will lose on time.

      2.) Improve the app. More improvement need for the DGT Pegasus official app.

      I hope this feedback/review will reach DGT and take action appropriately. For now 3-stars for me.

      Kevin S.
      I was patient but it's time to shelf this set

      I excitedly bought one in February of 2022, but I've been reluctant to write a review that reflected the initial problems with the software. Fast forward to May and I've had to quit multiple online games because the board/software would fail to recognize the position of the pieces. I've even tried different tips from other users as frustrated as me (like recalibrating the board before turning it on - even beyond initial set-up as DGT suggests). I get one working game afterwards, but then it loses calibration again. Are you telling me I'm supposed to turn off/on/recalibrate before every game to MAYBE get a smooth session? Another reason I waited this long was to give the software developers a chance to update and fix the bugs on the app side of things. The last update for the iOS version was in March (v. 1.0.1) and I'm still experiencing the calibration problems. I still can't even play on Chess.com on the iOS app. The board itself is decent. The quality seems okay but the board feels lighter than it should (it's hollow?), so it feels weird when you place a piece down with any reasonable pressure. The pieces themselves are somewhat lightweight with a pleasing modern design (as evident with the Knight).

      I own the Square Off Pro and did not have this many calibration issues (go check out my review for that board). The developers for SOP constantly update the app as well. The only saving features this board has over the SOP is perhaps the size (if you're looking for a smaller library-size hybrid e-board) and since it's not roll-up, you can easily rotate the board if you're switching colors.

      Chess House was AWESOME with shipping. Just this product is Meh. Hopefully it is a JUST a software issue that can be updated and fixed if the developers get off their butts! This is unfortunately a case where an early adopter is punished. Wait for updates and improvements!

      Ivan Petrov
      Great chess set, software needs alot of work

      First of all, I am extremely happy with the service from Chess House. This is the 3rd electronic chess set i've purchased from them Millenium Exclusive in 2018, DGT Centaur a couple of years later and now DGT Pegasus to play online on a physical board. Chess House has been exceptional every time.

      The Pegasus is beautiful chess set. It's much smaller than the Centaur and the Millenium Exclusive but it fits perfectly on my desk, there are no wires, and it's big enough for me to concentrate on the game and not think about "how small these pieces are". 5 stars on aesthetics

      The software at this time is quite frustrating. At first, i couldnt promote a pawn.. Then two pieces would not get recognized no matter what i did. I restarted it and it magically worked until i started playing on chess.com... I had to bail out and finish the game on my phone since the board got confused again.

      From DGT's website i found out that it first "had to be calibrated". I did not find this instruction anywhere in the box. I followed the procedure, removed the pieces, turned it on and held the button for 15 seconds.. Had to do that 3 times for the board to work correctly.

      Since then i've played 5 games on successfully. When it's working, it's exactly what i wanted. Play chess against humans on a physical board. The initial onboarding experience and the DGT app (when playing on lichess) is just terrible. No rating filters, if you happen to leave the playing screen there is no way to get back to it.. DGT app does not offer an offline engine or position setup..

      To summarize, great idea and great board but the software needs ALOT of work. I will keep the chess set but i really hope DGT provides software updates to fix these detection issues and adds more features to their DGT app

      Someday, Perhaps

      After the true grand slam of the DGT Centaur, and my love for the head of the DGT family, the DGT Smartboard with the Pi Clock/Engine, I had great hopes for this board.

      It has solid little pieces with a pleasing design, the board is a convenient size for "library" style type sets, the plastic brings to mind the Centaur board. It looks sturdy and would be a nice board to throw in a bag and take with you.

      Alas--the App. I simply could not get it to work. I tried Android, I tried Mac. I tried Lichess and the DGT play. I simply had no luck. So, I boxed it up and back it went. The Chesshouse customer service was as it always is--painless and wonderful.

      I have a feeling these are growing pains that DGT may correct in time. The thing is, I bought the board NOW, and it is useless to me if I can't get it to work.

      I'm giving it 3 stars, if only because I know people who HAVE set this up successfully, and it is conceivable this is my user error. But I had no such troubles with the new Millennium eOne--I've successfully played with that for days and had great fun with it.

      I'm keeping my eye on this board. Maybe someday the app will live up to the promise of the hardware. But for me, it isn't there yet.