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Product Details

The DGT Smart Board brings the benefits of this classic electronic chess interface board to a wider audience by replacing wood with a plastic model. This set is complete with pieces and cabling. Accessories such as the DGT Pi or a DGT 3000 clock are available separately.

The innovative design has a wood print finish and a smaller footprint with a modern look. It's lightweight and thinner than the wood boards. The new board also scans faster and has improved energy efficiency. It is compatible with all current DGT pieces in both wood and plastic.

Smart Boards can be used in many different ways for home, club, or events. They interface with Windows OS (or DGT Pi which is sold separately).
  1. Online Play - Play with opponents from around the world using Smart Board as your interface for move input on Playchess.com. Moves can be shown on a DGT3000 chess clock that connects to the Smart Board.
  2. Record Games - Use the board to record your games for review and analysis at a later time
  3. Computer Play and Training - Smart Board works with the best chess playing software programs on your PC or laptop (not Mac unless using emulation software for Windows).
  4. Chess Computer Opponent - Turn your Smart Board into a computer play machine by adding DGT Pi accessory. Automatically store the games played for publication or analysis purposes. For example, copy them to a database in Fritz by ChessBase.
  5. Tournament Setup - the board is full compatible with existing wooden DGT e-Boards in a tournament environment
  6. Live Internet Broadcasting - with new, free LiveChess Software that includes a free Cloud Service to broadcast your games you can share a tournament live via your website.
  7. Manual

The board measures 52cm (20.5in) with tournament square size 55mm (2.16in)

Includes Chess Board, Weighted Pieces, USB cable, DVD with drivers, DGT LiveChess software, ChessBase Fritz 14 chess play software, 100 days of PlayChess.com Premium.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    good experience.

    Very nice board and pieces

    I purchased the DGT Smart Board in August. It arrived on time. I ordered the board with indices on the board and pieces. It came with a 9 ft 8 in USB to USB-C cable for connecting the board to a computer, a 12 inch cable to connect the board to a DGT clock and a DVD that contains Fritz 14, DGT driver software, a users manual and a 100 day premium membership on PlayChess.com. Others have commented on the quality of the board and pieces and I agree that the fit and finish are very good. What I would like to focus on here is getting the board to work on a non-Windows computer.

    On the DGT site it states that a Linux or Mac users can set up a Virtual Machine (VM) and run Windows in the Virtual Machine and install and run the DGT software and Fritz that way. This approach requires some things of the Mac or Linux user: a copy of Windows (Windows 10 is preferable), which is not free. A copy of a Virtual Machine software, for example VirtualBox from Oracle.com, which is free. And the know-how to set up and use a Virtual Machine. If you are not trained on the technology, this last bit can be quite a challenge. Find yourself a high school student interested in computers and you will probably be fine. I'm running a Linux computer and use Oracle VirtualBox for my VMs. I installed Windows 10 in a VM and installed the DGT DVD in that Windows system. It all worked fine. The Fritz software was able to use the board to input my moves.

    There were two points of possible confusion: RabbitConnect (the software that connects to the board) saw the USB port as the COM3 port, and always shows the board's battery as 0% charged. This last is because the board has no battery and depends on the computer it is connected to to provide power.

    I attempted to use Wine (an alternate way to run Windows programs on Mac or Linux) but with no success.

    In short, I am very pleased with the board and the service provided by ChessHouse. Highly recommended.

    Great service

    Nice board. I am happy now.. Great costumer service. I love play on the computer. Good quality board. I love pieces are big.

    Great Product

    This board is great.. I play Fritz 16 alot and really my eyes got tired of staring at the screen alot. I always wanted to get a good chess that is priced around $300. But since the smart board came out I thought why not combine a nice chess board and be able to connect to the computer. I been playing this for a couple of weeks and love it. If I had to say anything bad about it that you need to make changes to program that communicates between board and Fritz 16. Nothing really hard but I have it fined tune where I can set up a position on the board and it automatically registers in fritz and loads that positions and we can start playing. AWESOME product


    I recently purchased an electronic chess game from The Chess House. When I called, the salesman Paul analyzed my needs and spent a great deal of time in advising me which game suited me most. I went with his suggestion, and the shipment was swift and timely.

    When I set up the game I encountered several hurdles, and called Paul. Again, he was so helpful, and spent inordinate time helping me set it up and play. Never impatient, always polite.

    P.S. I lost the first three games. I strongly recommend the Chess House. ruth king

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