DGT Smart Board - Electronic Interface Chess Set

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3 3/4 3 3/4" DGT Electronic Plastic Chess Pieces Weighted

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About The DGT Smart Board - Electronic Interface Chess Set

The DGT Smart Board brings the benefits of this classic electronic chess interface board to a wider audience by replacing wood with a plastic model. This set is complete with pieces and cabling. Accessories such as the DGT Pi or a DGT 3000 clock are available separately.

The innovative design has a wood print finish and a smaller footprint with a modern look. It's lightweight and thinner than the wood boards. The new board also scans faster and has improved energy efficiency. It is compatible with all current DGT pieces in both wood and plastic.

Smart Boards can be used in many different ways for home, club, or events. They interface with Windows OS (or DGT Pi which is sold separately).
  1. Online Play - Play with opponents from around the world using Smart Board as your interface for move input on Playchess.com. Moves can be shown on a DGT3000 chess clock that connects to the Smart Board.
  2. Record Games - Use the board to record your games for review and analysis at a later time
  3. Computer Play and Training - Smart Board works with the best chess playing software programs on your Windows Based PC or laptop (not Mac unless using emulation software for Windows).
  4. Chess Computer Opponent - Turn your Smart Board into a computer play machine by adding DGT Pi accessory. Automatically store the games played for publication or analysis purposes. For example, copy them to a database in Fritz by ChessBase.
  5. Tournament Setup - the board is full compatible with existing wooden DGT e-Boards in a tournament environment
  6. Live Internet Broadcasting - with new, free LiveChess Software that includes a free Cloud Service to broadcast your games you can share a tournament live via your website.
  7. Manual

The board measures 52cm (20.5in) with tournament square size 55mm (2.16in)

Piece Specifications

  • King height: 3.75" (95 mm)
  • Base size: 1 11/16"  (42.5 mm)
  • King weight: 2.1 oz
  • 34 Chessmen
  • Set weight: 38.4 oz

Includes Chess Board, Weighted Pieces, USB cable, DVD with drivers, DGT LiveChess software, ChessBase Fritz 14 chess play software, 100 days of PlayChess.com Premium.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Keith Jorgensen
    Very happy

    Very pleased with the purchase. Is exactly as I expected from the research undertaken before purchase.

    Bob Lenning
    Absolutely great!

    I've wanted a DGT board for a very long time, and now the newer Smart Boards and a great price from Chess House have made it happen! I've only had this a couple of days, but already it's so much fun. I've played using the board against Fritz on a PC, against Chess for Android with my phone, and on Chess.com and lichess with my PC. There are challenges along the way, but this board simply works. I've always used a real board and a phone to play slow games online, and I'm sure I still will sometimes. But not having to enter my own moves on the phone after making them on the board makes a huge difference, both in the fun and in time saving vs your opponent. Now I'm learning that I can drill my openings with Fritz on a PC and my DGT board. Input my repertoire to a study on lichess, export the game to Fritz on the PC, drill my openings using real pieces on a real board! Awesome! Thanks!

    James Fonville
    Beautiful chess set

    The DGT electronic chess set & the DGT pi 3000 are absolutely astounding. The entire shipment arrived 2 days early along with the 22 inch bag and score book. I am reading the manuals & have played several games. I'm happy & thank you chess house.

    Stephanie Y
    A great board and experience!

    I ordered this board for my husband's birthday and he absolutely loves it. Shipping was fast and everything arrived in a timely manner. The board and pieces themselves were packaged with care. Thank you!

    For the Chess Enthusiasts, the DGT Smartboard board is fun.

    Fritz 14 software that comes with board is good! It will make you a better chess player. No negative issues with the e-board. Weighted plastic pieces are nice and there is quite a bit of detail. Online sites (lichess, chess.com, chessbase) give you options of playing computer bots or other individuals. Your board is basically a USB input device. You will need to download some additional software from the DGT website to enable you to sync your board to these sites. If you have only played 2-dimensional chess online, you may need a week to train your brain to see the 3D display similarly.