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Millennium ChessLink

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Product Details

Get ChessLink and enjoy expanded connectivity of your ChessGenius Exclusive (sold separately) by integrating tablet, PC, and other devices. Millennium originally introduced the beautiful wood cabinet ChessGenius Exclusive Chess Computer with expansion in mind for upgrades and new features.

ChessLink connects Exclusive's already strong play experience, including autosensory piece recognition, to various devices via Bluetooth or USB. You'll be able to access powerful engines for analysis and online play.

For example, on IPhone and iPad, the app "Hiarcs Chess Explorer" by Mark Uniacke which offers, among other things, an adaptive game strength with display of the ELO value of the player. It reaches over 3000 ELO.

On Android devices, the app "Chess for Android" by Aart Bik has the ability to load UCI engines with future online play coming.

A powerful PC software is also in production.

That's just the beginning of how you can combine ChessLink with Exclusive and chart new territory with your chess experience!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best chess set I owned

Since this is a Christmas gift from my wife have not had many chances to use it. But it seems to be everything you said. Looking forward to using it with Hiarcs on iPad and my Mac.

Perfect Accessory

I've enjoyed my Millennium CGX for the last few months. (see my review) I just received the C-link which allows me to connect to my iPad and play Hiarcs using this board. It works great!

It is super easy to connect. Hiarcs recognized it immediately and prompted for the connection, without my having to search through menus to find the enabling command.

Another nice surprise: I had been playing a game with Hiarcs previously on my iPad. My MCGX recognized the game in progress and started flashing the squares for me to rearrange the pieces so I could continue playing the game using the board. It could not have been easier.

The Millennium Lang program that comes with the CGX uses a very intuitive menu system. Hiarcs does also. Of course, Hiarcs is already very well respected for it's enormous playing strength, human-like play, and it's ability to play at lower skill settings in a realistic way. All this, in a very easy to navigate format. Now, by adding the C-Link, I have all these advantages while playing on a handsome board. It's a great combination!

I highly recommend the Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive and the C-Link with Hiarcs on the iPad. I'm looking forward to see what PC based programs start offering Millennium compatibility too.

Awesome accessory for the Millennium Exclusive

ChessLink basically allows your Exclusive board to take advantage of the strong CPU on your phone or tablet, by disconnecting the normal control unit from the board, and connecting ChessLink in its place. You then use the chess app on your device to control the chess board.

As I write this, there is one app on iOS and one on Android that support the Exclusive, using Bluetooth.

On iOS, the Hiarcs app connects to the board without even having to pair as a bluetooth device. Hiarcs has a super strong engine, with an ELO rating of about 3100 on an iPad pro, and not much weaker on lesser iPads and iPhones. That's much stronger than the world champion. This is also a very polished chess program, with lots of features, including selectable playing styles and a big opening book with very useful options. It can also estimate your chess rating and to play at your level, which is a really nice feature. It plays a very different game from the Exclusive personality. I don't remember the price, but it's well worth it.

On Android, Chess for Android is available. This is a free App, and has some very interesting features. The main one is that it works with any UCI engines for Android. These differ from the UCI engines for Mac or Windows or Linux, but there are quite a few available, including Komodo and Stockfish. These two engines in particular are EXTREMELY strong, especially if your Android has a fast multicore processor. The biggest downside to this app is that it has a very limited built-in opening book, and not many ways to make these engines play weakly enough to give normal humans a chance against them. In theory, if you can find a UCI engine that accepts ELO as a parameter, and also can be made to work directly with an external opening book, this app could be really nice working with that engine.

Maybe someone will someday add support for one of the big PC or Mac chess programs, but even today the ability to use Hiarcs is reason enough to get this.

Chess Link

Was waiting for the Chess-Link device for the Millennium Chess board. You sent it as soon as it was available. I was very pleased with your service in regard to this and my initial purchase of the Millennial Chess Board. I have the benefit of two Chess engine-brains, which I look forward to years of use and play time. Thanks a lot guys. You are my go-to chess company.

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