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Product Details

Launched in 2022, the Chess Classics Exclusive combines Millennium's modular 16" Exclusive Board and pieces with their best chess computer ever, the Chess Classics Element. 

The MILLENNIUM Exclusive sensor board with automatic piece recognition is matched to the wooden chess Element computer module equipped with two of the most famous chess engines ever: The King and Chess Genius. This combination provides strength, beauty and portability without compromise; a perfect tool for all chess enthusiasts from serious amateurs to dedicated grandmasters.

The Exclusive's smooth, handmade wooden sensor board with full piece recognition makes moves intuitive, natural and a pleasure to use. The 81 LEDs allow full concentration on your physical game, not a screen or chess clock. The exceptional design is capped off with high speed piece scan recognition and reliability.

Play Online with the Optional Add-on ChessLink Module: Add the ChessLink module and pair with free apps to play online on popular chess server platforms like Lichess and For professional tournaments, Chess Link allows Millennium to integrate seamlessly with the platform.  Play directly on the board against millions of people around the world! Your opponent's moves are displayed with the LEDs on the board and Element module screen. 

Premium Computer Features: "The King" includes a Comfort mode with self-adjusting playing strength levels, as well as the Elo levels to help you assess your own playing strength. By switching to the expert mode, you can compete against an "electronic chess grandmaster" with up to 2500 ELO and even personalize the way your opponent plays. 

In the latest version, "ChessGenius" can not only abandon its game in a hopeless situation, but also offer a draw. The engine is rightly considered an absolute classic of computer chess and offers, among other things, 2 opening libraries as well as 7 additional special books, with which you can train, for example, popular openings such as the Queen's Gambit.


Key Features

Input of the chess moves: Handmade wooden sensor board with fully automatic figure recognition

Display of the chess moves: 81 single field LEDs (4 per square)

Dimensions chessboard: 40 cm (15.75 in) x 40 cm x 2 cm (.78 in) (King Height: 7,4 cm or 3 in)

'Future Proofing' Updates: Software updates via USB interface; Hardware module completely exchangeable.  

Options for USB interface: Save and load games (PNG format); optional download of opening libraries, firmware updates or engines

Modular Design and Optional Add-ons to Purchase For Expanded Functionality: 

  • ChessLink connects to apps and other compatible devices via Bluetooth
  • Chess Volt Battery Pack for portable use
  • Supreme55 board compatible with Element Module

Power Supply: Mains adapter (with plugs for EU, UK, US, AUS) included

Playing strength: from beginner to over 2500 ELO (according to SSDF list)

Safe Features: Shared 9 memory slots to save games.  Allows play with one program and analysis with the other. 

Other Features: Chess960, Adaptive Play, Elo Levels and 2 engine classics




  • Lighted display with multilevel dimming, can be switched off
  • Processor: ARM Cortex M7, 300 MHz processor
  • CPU: clock frequency variably adjustable from 10 - 300 MHz
  • Connection board-computer: standard mini-Din-cable, 4-pin


  • Program: The King / ChessGenius
  • Author: Johan de Koning / Richard Lang
  • Device languages: 7 (DE / GB / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU)
  • Menu system: Text-based / Graphic, all device languages
  • Updateable Software: Yes, via USB

Power supply

  • Batteries required: No
  • Power supply connection: Yes, 100 - 240V 50/60 Hz Input - 9V 1A Output
  • Power supply included: Yes
  • Battery Pack: Optional M825 ChessVolt Module



Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Michael Bauers
So far, excellent product

I thought I had left a review for this, but didn't see it, so going to write one. If this is duplicate, I apologize.

My primary idea, is to compare this against the King Performance, which I also own, and what I know of other products on the market.

Also note I got it on sale, which of course impacts my cost vs value appraisal

What this is:
Chess board with standalone computer ( no phone required). Display is very nice, as it's large.
Supports two chess engines, The King, and Chess Genius ( from two different programmers). The King supports 960 ( Fisher Random)
Wooden pieces ( see below for my opinion on them.)
Wooden board ( seems to be all wood, vs the King Performance)
LEDs indicate move, so no need to look at a display
Full piece recognition, meaning it knows where all pieces are, and understands where you move them too, and does so quickly, and seemingly accuractely

Ok, so the price is a bit high, maybe. Depends on your evaluation. Realize you get wooden pieces, a wooden board, a pretty nice computer ( which is separate from board,) and it's somewhat a niche product, so you can't expect the price a mass produced unit will be. I consider the price, probably reasonable.

You get two chess engines. For variety. The King is especially nice, IMO, because it's very customizable. Surely you can find some option which is not too hard, but gives you a challenge.

The pieces are not going to blow you away, but they are a bit nicer than the King Performance. The board, packaging ( which is very nice,) chess pieces, and of course R&D and support probably don't allow for luxury chess pieces. IMO, they are good enough. Given that the pieces contain sensors, you are sort of stuck with them, barring major surgery to transplant the RFID chips, or whatever they are.

The user interface is great, and I am picky about UI. The gameplay with the board sensors is so nice compared to the King Performance. The King Performance had some quality issues with the board IMO, and while the pressing of squares was mostly ok, sometimes I had issues. But this nice. So fun to play. Relaxing even, if chess can be relaxing.

When you need to take a break, just hit power button, then hit the green button, and the machine powers down, and your game is saved, and resuming is very fast whenever you like. Really well done, I applaud this. It allows one to play "daily chess" against your chess computer.

The manuals are bit crazy. Because of there being two chess engines, and Millenium having some confusing manuals. The supplied manual is good enough to get going. But you might feel the need to dig through Millenium's web site to get all the manuals that apply to this product. I may even have relied on a King Performance manual, as it was more complete?

You can upload your games onto a computer. Again you will have to brave the not so well designed Millenium site. But with patience, you can find the software which allows you to upload games to your laptop or PC with a USB cable. Which then allows for analysis online, or whatever you want.

I wanted to compare this a bit, to other options.

It's online capabilities require chesslink box, which is pricey IMO, for just a bluetooth gizmo. And some people struggle with the chesslink, if reviews are to be trusted. Still, some people manage with it just fine.

Unless you using it online, you don't need a mobile computer, e.g. phone. I consider this a real plus. Who knows what happens in 10 years with such things. You might find it hard to use old tech with new phones. Stuff changes all the time in tech, I write software, and use a lot of tech, so I feel like I am not a total luddite. Just cautious. Long story short, no phone needed just to play a game, great.

No built in battery. Should be obvious this has pros and cons. Battery pack Volt product thing works fine. Not cheap, but battery packs are not cheap in general.

Computer seems moderately powerful. Of course it's not your 16 core threadripper. But it's also lower power. How powerful do you need your chess computer to be?

I like wood boards. Wood pieces. I think plastic looks cheap. It's fine, it works. But I was willing to pay more for wood.

Note that all these higher end electronic chess products have pros and cons. Connectivity. User complaints about various issues. Cost. Material. Built in battery or not. Online connectivity. Power of computing hardware. Overall user interface. For example, DGT boards seem nice, but they are also pricier than this. And they don't have the handy LED display, to make it easy to play without looking at the board. Do your homework, so you know what you are getting, and not getting when buying electronic chess boards.

It's hard to cover everything, on such a relatively sophisticated product. I tried to give an idea of how much I liked it. Hope this helps.

Love it

This is a nice looking, well designed product. I like the choice of two engines. I also bought ChessLink to play otb against online opponents. Highly recommended!

Joe Graviss
Great product

Beautiful set and easy to use. Well done! And the Chess House folks service was exceptionally prompt and helpful.

Ronald Black
New chess classic set

The set had two defective pieces when it arrived. When Chess House was notified of the problem the pieces were immediately replaced. Now the set works wonderfully and is everything I could hope for.

Jay Chew
Probably the best value chess set in the market

This is my 2nd purchase from Chess House which in my opinion provides the best after sales service and best discounts out there. The unit that I got-Millennium Chess Classics has some defective pieces. Chess House was prompt in replacing those pieces for me while at the same time maintaining constant communication with me on that matter.
The feature that I like the most about the system is the touch recognition pieces. It is truly a joy to play with. Once you have tried it, you probably won't go back to the pressure sensitive pieces again. It is also convenient when setting up a position for analysis.
The board itself is also beautiful. It is really a joy to look at while playing your favourite game of chess. I prefer its vintage looks of wood grain design over the recently released darker hues board by Phoenix system.
As for the module itself, it comes in a 2 in 1 (King Performance and Chess Genius) system. Who can complain when you get 2 programs for the price of 1? Both programs has its strength and drawbacks, but I mostly stick to just 1 program, the King Performance which I think has a more refine user interface. I can also switch to the other program to enjoy the feature not available on the other program if I wish so.
All in all, my experience with Chess House and the Millennium Chess Classics is overly positive. You get excellent after sales service, good price and high quality products all in one package.

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