Reassess Your Chess Workbook - Silman

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About The Reassess Your Chess Workbook - Silman

Unique among books that present problems and their solutions but offer little actual instruction, this books takes the player through the processes of problem solving and analysis and provides advice and instruction that ultimately helps him discover the major flaws embedded in his play.Through this method, the player is led to an understanding of a thought system that will add hundreds of rating points to his chess strength.

This workbook may be utilized with or without Silman's earlier book How to Reassess Your Chess. It may be used in the problem/solution manner described above or its section of solutions may be read as an instruction manual itself. However one chooses to read this book, it will surely prove a font of wisdom and insight for all students of the game.

  • 425 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Siles
  • Published: 2001
  • Notation: Algebraic Notation

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Customer Reviews

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Matt Autio
Great Book!

I really like Silman's writing style and method. This workbook reads and functions much like a college textbook (if they had courses on such things, maybe they do); explanation and breakdown of concepts followed by exhaustive problems sets (quizzes) at the end of chapters. The questions are posed so that you have to really immerse yourself in the position at hand. These aren't the typical "choose the best move for black" type things, you're more apt to get something like "explain the benefits and drawbacks of the position shown for both white and black." That type of thing. You really have to dig deep but it's all relatable, understandable, and thoroughly engaging. Being new to Silman's work via this book, I will definitely be buying his others. As always, Chess House was speedy and accurate in completion of the order. Why bother with any other place?

Theodore Fink
The toughest impediment to improvement

I find plan formulation in the middle game inscrutable. This work book attacks that problem very well.