The Amateur's Mind 2nd Edition / Expanded - Silman

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About The The Amateur's Mind 2nd Edition / Expanded - Silman

Most amateurs possess erroneous thinking processes that remain with them throughout their chess lives. These flaws in their mental armor result in stinging defeats and painful reversals. Books can be bought and studied, lessons can be taken - but in the end, these elusive problems always prove to be extremely difficult to eradicate.

Seeking a solution to this dilemma, Mr. Silman wrote down the thoughts of his students while they played actual games, analyzed them, and cataloged the most common misconceptions that arose. He then eradicated these mental traps by offering advice, rules of conduct and strategy, and penetrating psychological insight. This second edition of The Amateur's Mind greatly expands on the information contained in the popular first edition. In particular, the addition of twenty-six tests and their detailed explanations, add more than one hundred pages of instruction-rich material.

  • 443 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Siles
  • Published: 1999
  • Notation: Algebraic Notation

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Brent Downey
Silman’s Mind!

Jeremy Silman is simply one of the best teachers / writers I’ve come across. His analysis is easy for the novice to understand yet detailed enough to bring value to even the most experienced chess players. I definitely recommend this book.