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Product Details

Designed in 1920 and recreated by expert craftsmen from Germany and Italy, these pieces are comprised of abstract geometric forms. Philadelphia-born, Brooklyn- raised, Dada-Surrealist artist Man Ray created sets from 1920 till his death in 1976. The pyramid is the Egyptian symbol of kingship and the cone a medieval queen's headgear. The flagon represented the bishops' tradition of creating exotic liqueurs and spirits. The knight is fashioned after the head scroll of a violin and the pawns are as tall as the rooks and almost as volumetrically robust as many of the other pieces that are higher ranked to show the increased importance of pawns in modern chess play.

Very few of these original sets are still available for purchase and when they are, they command prices at auctions of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Man Ray is hailed as one of 20th century's most innovative artists. Son of a Russian immigrant tailor, Man Ray's artwork was far ahead of its time so he lived modestly his whole life. His vision was to design a simple, straightforward, but modern and affordable chess set.

Interesting fact. The knight piece fashioned as the scroll of a violin is sourced uniquely from a violin manufacturer in Italy with the expertise and tooling most suited. It's then joined with the rest of the beech wood set made in Germany and finished to perfection.
The beautifully designed chess board was made to compliment the Man Ray chess pieces. Solid beech wood board measures out at 15.75 inches square and was made under license with the Man Ray trust.
  • King 3.25", base 1.5"
  • Queen 3.25", Bishop 2.75", Knight 2", Rook and Pawn 1.4"
  • 32 solid beech wood pieces
  • Board is veneered beech wood, 17" x 17" x 3/4" with 2 1/8" squares

Customer Reviews

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Problem Solved

There was a "potential fraud" alert on my order which caused my delivery to be delayed. The guys at Chess House handled my issue expeditiously and I received my Man Ray chess set in time for my "Big Reveal" at my Open House.

We're so glad that arrived on time with expedited shipping and that you could enjoy it for your open house!
Stunning set, service that doesn’t miss a beat!

Magnificent, modern classic chess set and a retail team where nothing is too much trouble.
(Surprisingly reasonable postage costs too)
You can’t go wrong with this combo!
Go Chess House.....! 👍🏻

Beautiful but...

... the board is actually veneered. The pieces are solid and very nicely turned out.


Man Ray Chess Set - Board and Pieces

A Work of Art

This chess set is amazing; it is an Art History class in a box.

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