Heavy Club Chess Set Combo

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About The Heavy Club Chess Set Combo

The Heavy Club Chess Set Combo is our midrange tournament chess set combo and comes with our Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces, Vinyl Rollup Chessboard, and Carryall Tournament Chess Bag. These sets are great for chess players who want a great extra weighted blitz, club, or tournament chess set on a budget. Each set comes with 34 pieces (INCLUDING EXTRA QUEENS!) and a quality chess board and one chess bag. All equipment meets chess tournament standards.


Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces:
  • Complete set of 32 chess pieces with 2 extra queens
  • King size: 3 3/4" tall, 1 1/2" base
  • Solid plastic w/ matte finish for no glare
  • Nice triple weighted heavy feel
  • Set weight: 2.25 lbs
Vinyl Rollup Chessboard:
  • Board size: 20" by 20"
  • 2 " squares
  • Clear and legible algebraic notation
Carryall Tournament Chess Bag:
  • 24" x 9" chess bag will hold everything!
  • 9" x 5" x 2.5" padded clock pouches hold any size clock
  • Shoulder strap for easy transportation
  • Sturdy handles and zipper
  • Padded for protection
  • Lifetime guarantee

Product Specs

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Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Scott Galer
Nice set

This is a very nice chess set in a convenient format. My son and I are new to the game (better late than never) and the quality and convenience of this set are great. We were going to take our old chess set (cheap folding wooden box type) on a trip recently but I knew the pieces would fall out and get lost. This is much better for travel, etc.

Dylan W
I agonized over what first set to buy - this was a perfect choice!

I'm super happy with the set as it showed up. Some reviewers commented on (a) the strong smell of the board on arrival and (b) some of the pieces having loose weights. I can comment that, in my set, the board definitely has a strong smell but I'm sure that, as others have pointed out, it will dissipate after a few days. I can also say though that my pieces did not have any loose weights, and they are very nice and heavy! Feel good to use.

The detail on the knights is wonderful. The size of the pieces and the board is great. I imagine this will occupy me duly for a while before I venture into the land of wooden boards.

Bonus puzzle in the photos! Can white mate? If so, how?? From Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess.

Teresa Bedell
5 Stars

Perfect set for a beginner. I wanted heavy pieces with nice look and feel without spending too much. Love it.

Art Johnsen
Continued Good Value and Service

E-commerce as it should be. My second order, previous for Granddaughter, this one for me. Love the quality and travel bag.

Tawin Matthew Nunbhakdi

Heavy Club Chess Set Combo