Square Off Chess Boards

Square Off Chess Boards are some of the most advanced and connected chess boards. The chess pieces can move on their own across the board, so you can challenge opponents from anywhere in the world.

Other advanced features the Square Off Board offers include:

  • Automated Piece Movement: Autonomous piece movement.
  • Built-in AI Opponent: Adjustable difficulty levels for personalized challenges.
  • App Integration: Track progress, analyze games, and access tutorials online.
  • Training Mode: Interactive lessons and puzzles to improve skills.
  • Classic Design: Traditional wooden board with automated piece movement.
  • Automatic Reset: Automatically resets the chessmen to their original positions after a game.

You can also live stream matches when you connect the Square Off chessboard to various online platforms. 

The real magic is hidden inside the board and the pieces, making Square Off one of the most intelligent chess computers and one of the most elegant.


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Square Off Pro
The Square Off Pro Chess Set
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Square Off Chess Board - GRAND KINGDOM Chess Set - Chess Computer - Chess-House
Square Off Chess Board - GRAND KINGDOM Chess Set
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How the Square Off Chessboard Works

The Square Off Chessboard uses advanced robotics and magnets to move the chessmen autonomously. When you play against an opponent, either online or via the board's built-in AI, the board's highly intelligent system detects and replicates the opponent's moves.

The companion app connects your board to global platforms such as Chess.com and Lichess, allowing for seamless gameplay and interaction.

With features like automatic reset and adaptive artificial intelligence (AI), the Square Off Chess Board is a remarkable innovation in the world of chess.

Square Off Pro (Tournament Size)

The Square Off Pro is an advanced version of the original Square Off chessboard, designed to elevate your chess game with a tournament-sized, rollable electronic chessboard and enhanced features.

The Pro model's AI adjusts to your skill level, offering a personalized challenge. Both models feature automated piece movement, but the Pro includes interactive LED lights, game reset, and live streaming capabilities, making it a comprehensive tool for improving chess strategy and skills.

The Pro's premium build quality and dedicated space for each piece ensure a luxurious playing experience. Playing competitive chess with the app-connected board through Bluetooth is a fun way to explore a whole new world of opportunities.

Square Off Pro Special Features

  • Adaptive AI
  • Interactive LED Lights
  • Live Streaming
  • Rollable and Portable

Please note that the Square Off Pro does not have autonomous chess piece movement capabilities like the wooden Square Off chessboard.


  • Dimensions: 20.4" x 18" x 0.78"
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth BLE 4.2, USB-C
  • Chess Piece Size: King size 3.75"
  • LED Indicators: 72 LEDs

Best Value With Square Off Smart Chessboard

Despite being one of the most expensive electronic chess boards out there, Square Off Chessboards provide exceptional value for money.

These smart chessboards offer a blend of traditional play with modern technology, enhancing the experience of playing chess. The automated movement of chess pieces and adaptive AI capabilities provide a unique and engaging way to improve your chess proficiency.

Training and Strategy

Square Off Chess Boards are invaluable tools for training. The built-in AI offers many difficulty levels, allowing you to gradually increase the challenge with higher difficulty levels as your skills improve. This helps in developing better strategies and honing your chess skills effectively.

The companion app offers interactive lessons and puzzles, making it easy to learn chess and sharpen your brain. Square Off is a fantastic playmate that can help seniors stay active and improve memory.

Advanced Chess Piece Design and Other Features

The ability to play against global opponents via online platforms and the board's automatic reset feature make this game incredibly useful for playing games and improving your strategy individually.

During auto reset, the chess pieces move to a designated parking space. The board’s intelligent design ensures that the chessmen don’t collide with the opponent’s pieces as they move across the chessboard.

Whether you want to practice chess, live stream tournaments, or enjoy a premium chess set, the Square Off advanced chess set is everything you need.

Buy Square Off Chess Boards at Chess House

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