The STACK chessboard is a fascinating and exclusive centerpiece, the most unique and functional chess board ever made.

For those seeking extraordinary craftsmanship, innovative concepts, and the thrill of chess, it's an eye-catching conversation piece.

When you're ready for a game, slide the stack to the center of the table remove the magnetic, suede wrap, and let the 4 quadrants join for a perfect playing field.

The Limited Edition STACK features a 3 sided, dovetailed, walnut display box that perfectly complements the fine hardwood chessboard and is wrapped in the soft suede magnetic cover that both protects and shows off the piece. Each one is also engraved with the emblem and its own unique number ## of 250.

Orignally from Switzerland, these skills were passed down through five generations. This lost art of woodworking is continually refined, blending timeless methods with the latest knowledge of wood behavior.For example every design must be carefully planned with the appropriate wood selection and cuts to account for variations in humidity that cause natural expansion and contraction of wood.

To craft a wood product that will last for generations, John gives great attention to every phase of production including wood selection, drying, cutting, curing, crafting, and the multi-step finishing process that results in the smooth, elegant, lustrous finish for which the JLP products are known. Every product is personally overseen by John and must meet his standards before releasing them to Chess House.

Here are the STACK products, only available at Chess House.


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"Chess House has been a wonderful partner and provider of chess sets and other classroom materials for over a few years now! We would not go anywhere else for this kind of quality and service."

- Ashley, Queen's Gambit Institute