12" Magnetic Travel Chess Set in Black and Boxwood

Product Code: E12EB

  • $69.90 USD

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Product Details

When it comes to travel you need a set that's portable in size with strong magnets to keep the pieces in place.

It's a pleasure to play chess on this set with beautifully crafted wood chessmen and matching board in black and boxwoods. The magnets easily keep the pieces in place on the board even if it's tilted or bumped while in use.

Wood core printed board using new technology means the surface looks amazing, the product is durable, and the cost reasonable.

32 Chessmen are handcrafted in India and finished in black stained along with stained black Boxwood and clear coated Boxwood to display real wood grain.

  • Felted chessboard protects any surface from scratching
  • 12 x 12" chessboard
  • Individual slots for each piece
  • Protective canvas case with compartments and sturdy zipper
  • Easy to source replacement pieces from Chess House in the future means you'll never be without a playable set.
  • Chess House logo on carrying case
  • Made in India
  • Storage Case: 13 1/4 x 13 1/4 x 2" (337 x 337 x 51 mm)
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs
  • Board size:11 7/8 x 11 7/8 x 1/2" (300 x 300 x 13mm)
  • Square Size: 1 3/16" (30 mm)
  • Entire base green billiard felted
  • King height: 2 1/4" (57 mm)
  • King base: 15/16" (24 mm)
  • King weight: .3 oz
  • Pawn height: 1 3/16" (30 mm)
  • 32 Chessmen -- No extra queen
  • Green cloth felt bases

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Best Little Chess Set

This is a great little chess set perfect for my desktop next to my keyboard and computer screen, so it's easy to play against an online computer without having to swivel around before and after each move. Also, it's a full size board without having to fold it open when playing, so it sits level.

Also the case it comes in holds the pieces nicely in their respective places, and zips shut. It has a nice touch and feel to it, felt bottoms, and you can have all the chess pieces on the board, pick it up and turn it upside down and the pieces will stay in place without dropping off the board.

It's my favorite chess set so far !

Defective black bishop

Xmas morning daughter opened her gift to find the felt on the black bishop is missing
Searched the box in case it just needed to be re-glued but is no where to be found
She loves the set but was disappointed by this defect...
Hope customer service will respond to this review
And correct the problem, Thnx

Perfect little set for travel or lap use.

All I expected and more. I couldn’t, be more pleased!

Perfect in multiple ways

Beautiful chess set. It arrived right now and I'm excited. I haven't seen anything like this before. The board looks very high quality and the pieces too. I like the strength of the magnets - the pices don't fall if you turn the board upside down, they fall once you shake it with a some force. Perfect multipurpose size - for my personal needs it feels like a semi-travelling set, it fits on my table unlike the full size 50x50 cm, and it's about the maximum size I would want to pack for a journey. The playability is good, I have big hands and pieces don't get into way too much.

To summarize - aesthetics are absolutely stunning + nice balance between the size and playability.

More detailed stuff: I see people complain about a piece size and a smell. On the first look the pieces look the same size and shape. Now that I looked at it more detailed, I have to add this to be as fair as possible - the pawn size can vary a little, much less than 1mm, I would have never noticed it if somebody didn't write it (I add a picture, the 2 pawns on the right are the biggest size difference I found (maybe 0,3 mm). By other pieces I don!t see a size difference. There's some subtle smell if you put your nose on the board :) that doesn't bother me, not really worth mentioning.

I was worried about the color of brown pieces. In a video they looked a bit light yellowinsh brown, it depends on the angle. To be very detailed, they look slightly darker from up (player's angle) and slightly lighter from the front. I originally wanted to get the black set. I'm happy that I chose the brown set, it's a beautiful light/medium dark brown and it's a pleasant colorful view.

Hope it helps ;)

The board is beautiful

I bought this to help me with analyze tactics puzzles.

The board is beautiful, good quality, nicely done. The magnet strength is perfect me. Its enough to hold the pieces when moving it from one room to another; also good enough to 'store' pieces not used in the current puzzle along the edges.

I'm disappointed with the pieces. They are not done to the same standard. Though I guess it this price having such a nice board is all that one could expect. In addition, the Knights seems oversized. And the "black" pieces seem pale to me, and the "white" dark; I'm used to black and white pieces, so maybe this is just something I will adapt to in time.

Finally, the smell of the case, which has been remarked upon by other reviewers, is annoying. I've had my case in the garage airing out for a week now. I just checked it. One side is much better, but the other is ... not something you'd want to carry around. I will flip it over and see if another week helps.

I rate the board 5/5, the pieces 3/5 = 4/5, Minus1 star for the crummy smell that pervades the case.

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