Mini ChessHouse Club Chess Set

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Product Details

The conveniently small club style chess set is perfect for playing chess at home and on the go. At 14" square it's the miniature size of the club style chess sets. The pieces are 2 1/2" tall and the same type, but smaller size of the club pieces used in clubs and events. The vinyl chess board with Chess House logo rolls up easily when not in use.

With 1-8 and A-H system, youngsters can learn and practice their coordinates

If a chess piece is ever lost, just contact Chess House for a replacement.


  • Chessboard size: 14"
  • Square size: 1.5"
  • King height: 2 1/2"
  • Pawn: 1 1/4"
  • King base: 1"
  • 32 Pieces

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great Chess Board

I bought this as a gift for a patient that liked to play. It was just the right size for the table he had in his room. We played everyday until he was released we both enjoyed it. The board and pieces are excellent. I will buy from Chess House again


good product and price.

thumbs up!

I will buy from Chess House again, it was a good experience. Great mini set. Fast delivery. Product exceeds expectations. Can't beat the price.

Mini Chesshouse Club Chess Set

Love this mini version which is easier to take for travel, etc. Very good communication with the folks at Chess House. I will definitely be shopping this site in the future!!

Outstanding, unique product for $10-super fast delivery will keep looking/buying from ChessHouse

I wanted to replace my travel set pieces (15" board) with something of better quality that won't tip over so easily and these were perfect. I DIDN'T really NEED these pieces because my main board that I use most often is the standard tourney board with quadruple heavy pieces. But now the price of these pieces are $6.50 AND on top of that u also get a nice dark blue chess board, so i figured WT-helll I'll buy it and replace my dull pieces. I just received these and I'm more than happy that they were perfect size ( 1 thing I was a little bit worried about was the size) for my travel board. I now feel like I took a SMALL GAMBLE and it payed off BIG. I'm seriously thinking I might even buy this again to give away for a present but then again ChessHouse has the standard size 20"-22" tourney board/with pieces for around the same price. Now I actually have this extra blue board and can use the old pieces I replaced with this new one BUT it's so nice looking (AND for the price) that I'm DEFINITELY keeping it as a backup board. lol I already have 2 other small/magnetic travel boards I could use as a backup BUT this one is still a KEEPER. AND BTW I can't find this same size set combo with this price anywhere (and same can be said with the medium sized mesh chess bags I ordered here for $2.50 each). I basically bought this for $10 which includes shipping and Iā€™m beyond satisfied with it AND like I mentioned before the delivery took only 3 days standard shipping. AWESOME in every way!

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