Plastic Magnetic Travel Chess Set with Carrying Case

Product Code: ST3882

  • $23.94 USD

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Product Details

The perfect small playable gift chess set. Portable, fun and lightweight with great looking magnetic pieces, this 9" chess set is large enough to play and yet small enough to easily travel with you.

Magnetic pieces keep the pieces in place when it gets bumpy. The chessboard is protected inside a soft, zippered case with an extra section for pieces.


  • King height: 1 1/4"
  • Base size: 1/2"
  • King weight: .05 oz
  • Pieces weight: 1 oz.
  • Board size: 7 3/4"
  • Square size: 3/4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Love it.

This is perfect for what I need. My kids can play chess while on a road trip and not have to worry about the pieces falling off because of the magnets. I highly recommend.

Not bad for a travel set

This set is a little more cheaply made and I expected, particularly the carrying case. For example, the zipper fell off when I first tried to unzip it. Still, it is not a bad value for the price.

I have since upgraded to a better travel board

I like the size of the board and the carrying case makes it portable. The pieces are smaller than I'd like and some of the magnets fell out after a few months. Simple enough to glue back in, but not the greatest quality. It was a satisfactory set for the price, but you get what you pay for. I recommend spending a little more for a better quality set.


I really like our magnetic chest board. We bought it for use on road trips. At first I was skeptical when I tried it at home because the pieces seem remove easily from the board when moved purposely. So, I grabbed the board and shook it, bumped it, held it upside down and shook it too! To my surprise all the pieces remained in their respective squares. Some may have moved just a smidgen but remained none the less within it's square. I'm happily surprised.


The zipper of the case was not well made. The pull tab came off the first time we opened it. Otherwise it was exactly what I wanted

That's a first. We can send you a replacement if you like. Just email customer service.

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