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Chess set for Valentine

Carolyn Cavanaugh's House of Hauteville were inspired by 11th century Norman wooden chessmen of Sicily and are now crafted in very limited numbers in the Eastern U.S.Be it décor or the casual game, House of Hauteville elicits a smile with a mix of good artistry and humor. The chessmen are photographed with the elegant Queen Anne chessboard, another exceptional U.S. handcrafted product of Chess House.

House of Hauteville - Chess Set for Valentines

The House of Hauteville by Carolyn CavanaughCarolyn shares, "The inspiration for this set of chessmen came from a friend who asked me to make a mantle piece based on a pawn she had seen in a book by John Norwich. I read the book, The Normans in Sicily, and fell in love with the idea of these brave men. The knights and the pawn are directly based on some 11th century Norman wood chessmen that have been preserved at The Biblioteque de National in France. The other pieces are original imaginings. I gave the king a cat because there is a saying (of later vintage) that 'a cat may look upon a king.' The queen has a hawk because she is a warrior woman. I've named the king and queen after the famous warrior duo, Robert Guiscard and his wife Sichelgaita. I often refer to the knights as Tancred and Drogo, also names in the Norman family."

House of Hauteville set
Hauteville chess set for Valentines - light pieces closeup
Hal on Feb 2, 2018“I like that you have Made in the USA products!”Curtis on Feb 2, 2018The Queen Anne JLP solid hardwood chessboard entirely compliments the House of Hauteville. Sustainably-sourced walnut and maple is expertly crafted by fifth-generation woodworkers with a Swiss heritage. The nearly lost art of woodworking is continually refined, blending timeless methods with the latest knowledge of wood behavior. Part of the Heirloom Collection, this House of Hauteville Chess Set is a unique and exclusive chess set available from Chess House.
Queen Anne Chess board closeup - House of Hauteville chess set
Great News! You can order the House of Hauteville Set today and delight your best friend! The 32 chessmen are safely gift boxed at Chess House for delivery to your home along with the perfectly complimentary 21" Queen Anne chess board. It's one of the most unique chess sets, exclusively available at Chess House.Price: $529.00 (Save $60)
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Antique White and Black
House of Hauteville Heirloom Chess SetAntique White and Black** SOLD OUT ** Pre Order for February 22-28 shipment
Antique White and Brown
House of Hauteville Heirloom Chess SetAntique White and Brown