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Best price guarantee

I guarantee you the best value for your money! Prices are competitive and fair and you'll have a fantastic experience when you deal with Chess House.

The team at Chess House is committed to taking care of you above and beyond expectations.

Should you need any replacement parts in the future, just reach out for friendly and available help when you need it!

-Raphael Neff, owner and ceo


What payments do you accept?

    Credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
    Amazon Pay
    Apple Pay
    Purchase Orders (from schools and organizations)
    Checks and Money Orders (place order online first)


    Do you accept Purchase Orders?

    Yes, U.S. businesses, schools, libraries, hotels and other organizations can conveniently utilize our easy PO process. If you need a W9 in advance, see below.

    If you know the specific items that will be purchased and don't expect any quantity or product changes, the best way to get a quote is to place an online 'order' at www.chesshouse.com in advance to reserve products and confirm pricing. Choose "Net 30 (PO)" at checkout and the resulting order summary (considered a quote until we receive payment) can be used to fill out your school's PO more accurately and speed the process later when we receive the PO from you.  The email confirmation sent to you also includes a link to a PDF invoice for your convenience. 

    POs need to be the authorized document with signature and should be sent by email to orders@chesshouse.com or by fax to 360-354-6765. Approval generally takes 1-2 business days, and your billing department will receive a mailed or emailed invoice.

    If you plan to pay with a credit card and or the products or quantities may change before the PO is finalized, you can request a draft order, which allows for easier adjustment if there is a change. Please provide the specific items, shipping and billing address and any other specific note references needed (such as PO#) and we can put that together for you.

    If you need a W9 form, you can follow the link below:


    How do I use a coupon?

    Any qualifying coupon can be entered on the final stage of checkout, in the box provided. Subscribers occasionally receive special coupons and discounts.


    Do I pay sales tax?

    Currently only sales in Washington are charged tax.


    How do I buy/redeem a gift certificate?

    Email gift cards are available so you can send a gift code to someone and let them shop Chess House for their favorite products! The recipient will receive the code and be able to easily apply the full or a partial amount to their order.


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