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Best price guarantee

I guarantee you the best value for your money! Prices are competitive and fair and you'll have a fantastic experience when you deal with Chess House.

The team at Chess House is committed to taking care of you above and beyond expectations.

Should you need any replacement parts in the future, just reach out for friendly and available help when you need it!

-Raphael Neff, owner and ceo


What Payment Types Do You Accept?

    • Credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
    • PayPal
    • Amazon Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Purchase Orders -- 'Net 30' Terms (from schools and organizations)
    • Checks and Money Orders (place order online first)
    • Cryptocurrencies (through Coinbase Commerce)


    Do you accept Purchase Orders?

    Schools and other established U.S. based organizations may utilize Purchase Orders for the purchasing process.

    1.   Preview and place order on ChessHouse store, choose "Net 30 (PO)" option at checkout.
    2.   Fill out organization Purchase Order with details from Chess House order confirmation email (this email also includes a link to download a PDF version of the Invoice). Please ensure your PO is signed by an authorized representative.
    3.   Send your PO to email or fax provided. We will match it up with the order you placed online. If approved, your order will ship on 'Due on Receipt' terms.
      POs need to be an authorized document with signature and should be sent by email to or by fax to 360-354-6765. Approval generally takes 1-2 business days, and your billing department will receive a mailed and/or emailed invoice once the order ships.
      If needed, here is a completed W9 form.


      When will my order ship?

      Paid orders for in-stock products usually ship the same or next day, excluding weekends (Saturday and Sunday). 

      If your order cannot ship right away, we will contact as soon as possible with an explanation for your input. Here are the most common exceptions to same or next day shipping:

      • Out of stock item(s) / Pre-Order Items
      • Shipping Address Issues or Missing Contact information
      • Orders that include items from multiple sources requiring consolidation before shipment.  This is typically related to International Orders. 


      Do I pay sales tax?

      For customers within the US, only sales in Washington State are charged tax.
      For International customers, while you are not charged any US Sales Tax, you are responsible for any Taxes and Duties imposed by your country on import.  For further information, see Do I have to pay Taxes & Duties?


      How do I use a coupon?

      Any qualifying coupon can be entered during checkout, in the 'Gift Card or Discount Code' field (shown below). Subscribers occasionally receive special coupons and discounts.


      How do I buy/redeem a gift certificate?

      Digital Gift Cards can be purchased on the Digital Gift Card product page. You can select between predefined amounts and also enter a recipient's email address. 

      Once your order is complete and approved, the recipient will receive an email with a gift code in the amount you specified, allowing them to shop at Chess House for their favorite products!

      Gift cards can be redeemed at checkout using the 'Gift Card or Discount Code' field (See How do I use a coupon?). Unused balances can applied to future purchases. 

      Can I be notified when an item is Back In Stock?

      Yes, you can sign up to be notified when the item is back in stock:

      1. Go to the product page
      2. Click the button "Email Me When Available"
      3. Enter your email address and confirm.

      We won't use your email to send you any other emails other than the one alert when the item comes back in stock.

      In some rare cases, products may be discontinued; however, if we receive significant interest we may review our decision to source those products.

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