16" Folding Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

Product Code: KS002

  • $159.00 USD

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Product Details

Beautiful hand-carved, magnetic pieces cling to the chess board as you play.  The storage design is the perfect size to be suitable for both travel or home.

A soft black cover encloses the entire set when folded for storage. Matching black felted interior holds each piece in place securely.

It even includes extra Queens for those occasional pawn promotions.

Carefully handmade in India from Shishamwood and Boxwood.

  • Solid wood frame construction
  • Dimensions; 16 x 8 x 2 5/8" Folded,  16 x 16 x 1 1/4" Unfolded
  • Square Size 1.75"
  • Entire product weight: 5 lbs
  • Pieces are made from Shisham & Boxwood
  • King Height: 3"
  • King Base: 1 1/4 (1.25")
  • King Weight: .9 oz
  • Piece Set weight: 18 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great travel set!

We were looking for something to bring on vacation with us that was easy to take along, but also felt solid and this really checked all the boxes. It's honestly a very nice set (travel or not) for the price. The pieces are heavy, and even though I didn't think I cared about it being magnetic that has been a very helpful feature. The only thing I would have liked to have added is coordinates on the side and bottom, but I knew in purchasing it this one didn't have that, so no surprise. I'm hoping I can get stickers to add on. My kids use this set, and the little ones are still learning chess notation. I'm very pleased with my purchase overall and glad to write a happy review.

Ben O.
Perfect for Displaying Dominance over Friends & Enemies

Always more fun to beat someone over the board versus playing them online. The set features standard yet well-made Staunton pieces with a nice, smooth finish. Ideal for vanquishing your chess foes. While it folds, it's not quite the ideal travel set as the latches are sort of weak, but it displays nicely (even while folded), and the felt bag does give you the option to deliver supremacy abroad when the time arises. While the magnets don't seem to hold as well as the product images suggest, they do provide a solid heft while playing—and the extra queens are a nice touch too.

Whip this out on a first date to asert superiority, or force your children to play you to remind them who's boss.

Ed Kenny
Still Undecided.

Overall it's nice. A little pricey, but it looks nice. The individual pieces are well carved and have a smooth finish. The board also has a smooth finish and lays flat on a level surface. The only drawback is the closing clasps. They could be a bit sturdier.

Kathleen Mitsdarfer
Best Graduation Present!

Bought this set for my son's high school graduation. He loves it! Beautiful set he will have for a very long time.

Cheryll Ropke
Gift giving quality

Very well made
Very attractive
Well designed
Christmas gift for 2021

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