3 1/2" Standard Staunton chess Pieces #5

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Product Details

A simple, Staunton set of playable chessmen, a tad smaller than standard club size, and great for any game of chess. Felt bases protect your chessboard surface and made of Hornbeam wood. Made in Europe without child labor.

See accessories for recommended chessboards.


  • King height: 3 1/2"
  • Base size: 1 3/8"
  • King weight: 1 oz
  • Weight of set: 18.6 oz
  • 32 Chessmen -- (No extra queen)

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
looks great

Looks great and handles nicely. Really like the detail on each piece.

The PERFECT Chess Set For MY Lifestyle

This is the ideal chess set for myself. Before I buy anything, I do as much research as possible. But sadly, I made the mistake of buying a chess set (similar to the Economical #5 Flex Chess Set) through Amazon. Finally, after having sent back the other one, I found everything I needed and wanted through Chess House. (I did want weighted chessmen but didn’t want to spend the extra money at the moment..) I am enjoying the size of the chess set immensely! Chess House has wonderful core values and the founders have created such a beautiful company that not only produces extraordinary chess sets, but helps children in the Washington state area (where I now reside) learn how to play chess. Check out their YouTube videos!

-light enough to travel (esp. if you travel on planes)
-ideal for living and spending time in small spaces such as campers, hotels, trains, etc.)
-Chess House told me I can wash the Flex Pad in cold water on delicate, then set out to dry, if it gets dirty or stained
-if you have dogs, the hair that might be on the floors and surfaces, will gently come off with a swipe of a hand instead of embedding itself in the Flex Pad material (unlike clothes, carpets, blankets, etc.)
-Flex Pad is FLEXible and can be folded or rolled up to store away without creating creases in the flex pad
-one white drawstring bag can hole all 32 chessmen, is thick and well made
-the wooden chessmen are beautiful, sturdy, and heavy enough to not simply topple over (though I have not tested this out on a windy day)

-so far, I have no complaints

I also bought the ‘Chess For Beginners’ book by Orlova, Yelizaveta- which I highly recommend for starting out on learning how to play the game! Within a few chapters, I’ve learned more than I ever have. My father and brothers know how to play chess but it’s been challenging learning how to play the game from how they teach and I’ve so desperately wanted to be able to play with them. Now, this girl has everyth...

Thank you so much for your epic review. What a fantastic writeup. I'm glad you found the ideal chess set and it looks great!! Raphael Neff owner
High Quality Product and On Time Delivery

This board is 100 time much better than the vinyl. It lay flat and easy to fold.
The pieces are well made, and very solid.
When I received this Chess Set (On Time), the cross of one of the King was loose. I reached out Chess House about this, and they sent me another piece to replace it.
I'm very happy with this purchased.

Great quality, bad color

I really like the bag I recieved yesterday. The cloth was heavy with coarse weave, yet soft and protective. Stitching was sturdy, drawstrings were tough, and it is big enough to hold a much larger set than the 2.5" set I have in it.
However, today I noticed the one and only downside to this bag. It had been in my house for less than 24 hours and the bright white bag was already smudged by kid fingers, cat paws, getting dropped on the floor and all manner of mishaps that happen in a home with children and pets.

This bag will not be white for long, and I find myself wondering if y'all couldn't make it off white, or tan, or gray, or any other color that can hide the evidence of having been touched by grubby kid paws.

Happy with product

Bags are attractive, seem sturdy and provide better protection than a Ziplock type plastic bag. I am not sure a 4 inch king set would fit, but there is room for any set smaller than that.

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