3" Wooden Magnetic Chess Pieces

Product Code: KS002-PCS

  • $79.00 USD

Product Details

Pieces Only.  The shown board is not included.  


  • Pieces are made from Shisham & Boxwood
  • King Height: 3"
  • King Base: 1 1/4"
  • King Weight: .9 oz
  • Piece Set weight: 18 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
William V
Beautiful with no flaws

This is a fine set of magnetic chess pieces. The magnets are of perfect strength and therefore work great. If you have an auto sensory classic chess computer such as my Novag Super Expert 6 C but don't have the pieces anymore, this set of pieces might be for you. I mixed in several pieces with with the chessmen that came with NSE6C and they worked perfectly. The size is right too. They are nice for analysis. A steal for $79!!

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