A Pawn's Journey - Elliott Neff

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About The A Pawn's Journey - Elliott Neff

A Pawn's Journey - Transforming lives one move at a time

From her first day in high school April knows she doesn't have what it takes to earn a college scholarship. She encounters a wise school counselor who turns her world upside down and begins to teach April invaluable life skills through a series of encounters...then everything begins to change for April.

In this moving tale based on true stories, you will learn how the game of chess can develop a strategic mind-set and produces the rare ability to graciously handle set-backs.

This success parable weaves powerful life lessons into a gripping story which you cannot set down. Discover the world beyond what you see and into the realm of possibilities.


  • 175 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Made for Success Publishing
  • Published: October, 2018

About the author:

National Master Elliott Neff is the founder of Chess4Life, which exists to help kids develop life skills through the game of chess. What began for Elliott as a childhood fascination with chess has blossomed into an opportunity to positively impact thousands of kids per week through Chess4Life programs. Elliott enjoys sharing his love of the game and especially the benefits of chess through speaking engagements, special appearances, simultaneous chess exhibitions, and even blindfold chess demonstrations. His enthusiasm for making a difference in kids’ lives through this fun game is contagious as he makes strategic moves toward the goal of reaching 1 MILLION kids per week learning life skills through chess.

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Customer Reviews

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I purchased this book a while ago on Amazon and purchased all Elliot' Chess School DVD Levels (Pawn-Knight-Bishop- and Rook) with the Workbooks from the Chess House. The titles were deceptive but when I read the book, I learned the personality and philosophy of Elliot Neff which is why I followed up purchasing the DVD Course with all the DVDs and Workbooks from the Chess House. I believe he had about 100 reviews on Amazon.com for his book that was rated 5 stars with nothing less and mostly everyone wrote an outstanding review. Below is my reviews of his course material. You would make a mistake not purchasing his book and course materials.

I purchased the entire series of DVDs and Chess Workbooks authored by Elliot Neff and my improvements were remarkable. He names his four courses Pawn Level, Knight Level, Bishop Level, and the final Rook Level and in that order. The Problem with the title is you may believe he is only discussing the pieces in the title and that is a myth. A better name would have been Learning Chess from start to finish Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4. He discusses the board, notation, the pieces, their movements, tactics, Strategy in each DVD and the associated workbooks Address hundreds of board scenereos from both White and Black side of the board. Each level builds on previous learning and more advanced tactics and strategy from the openings to the Middle and finally to the ending. Each level has sectional tests and a final tests on the board. I played the videos over and over and used the rewind button till the material was learned before I even hit the workbooks. I used a pencil so I could erase and reuse the tests. If I not score 100%, I first went back to the DVD and reviewed again. I discovered 90% was an advanced level. You will learn a lot from this grandmaster who teaches chess in schools, authors chess books, and teaches you problem solving techniques. As a retired engineer, problem solving was my bread and butter, and I trained both junior engineers and technicians by the same methods he uses, theory and the hands on until they were on their own where they only came back to me with problems they gave up on. Buy whatever this Grand Master authors, and it is not as much as many of the other chess authors. You can use search engines on Elliot Neff.