Burnt Grandmaster Chess Men on Wenge Barcelona Board

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Product Details

Introducing an exceptional chess set: our deluxe wenge and maple chess board, handcrafted in Spain, paired with our exquisite burnt finish Grandmaster chessmen. This combination is designed to elevate the game of chess for the discerning tournament player.

The chessboard boasts a premium finish, with a smooth playing wenge and maple veneer that features 2 1/8" squares. Its stylish angled corners create an illusion of floating, adding a touch of sophistication to your chess matches.

The Grandmaster chessmen, standing tall with 4" Kings, are meticulously hand-carved by master artisans using high-grade woods. These pieces are not only visually stunning with their burnt finish but also suitable for serious gameplay. Each piece is weighted for improved handling, ensuring a superior playing experience. Plus, they come complete with a luxurious billiard felt base, adding a touch of finesse to every move.

This combination of a meticulously crafted board and exquisite chessmen is tailor-made for tournament play. It seamlessly merges finesse and functionality, promising an unforgettable chess experience for players who demand nothing less than the best. Elevate your game with this extraordinary chess set.

Features and Specs

  • 4" King with 1 11/16" Base
  • King weight 2.8 oz
  • Set weight 43.8 oz
  • Pawn height 1 7/8"
  • 32 Pieces + 2 Extra queens for that occasional pawn promotion
  • Green felt bases
  • Pieces made in India / Board made in Spain
  • Wenge and Maple Veneer Board
  • 21 5/8" Square (550 mm)
  • 2 1/8" Squares (55 mm)

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