Chess King Platinum Pro 2017

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About The Chess King Platinum Pro 2017

Chess King Platinum Pro 2017 with Houdini 5 Pro is the new improved version for 2017 of the top selling Chess King Gold 2016 and Chess King 4 Pro chess software, in its absolutely strongest version. It is sold with both Mac and PC installers and allows up to 4 activations in any mix PC & Mac, for example 3 PC installations and 1 Mac installation. Chess King Platinum Pro includes the new Houdini 5 Pro and the new updated 2017 GigaKing game database which has over 6 million games, a database of commented games and the largest correspondence database, bringing the total of games included in Chess King Platinum to 6.5 million games.

Houdini 5 supports up to 128 threads (cores) and up to 256 GB of hash memory, large memory pages and NUMA-aware (Note: Houdini 5 standard supports up to 6 threads and 4 GB of has memory). The PC engine Houdini 5 Pro is a standard UCI engine which you can take out of Chess King Platinum Pro and use in other chess programs, for example Chessbase, Chess Assistant or Aquarium.

Both installers for PC and Mac are included in the Chess King Platinum package. The PC version is compatible with all windows versions from XP, Vista, 7, 8 to the most recent Windows 10. The Mac version is compatible OS X 10.7 up to OS X 10.12 Sierra. It can be installed and use in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian. Internet connection required only during installation for engine Houdini activation.

Main Features

  • Super Grandmaster engine Houdini 5 Pro
  • Huge opening tree with evaluations and success for each move
  • GigaKing 2017 games database
  • Classical (any level), Random, Puzzle (1500 puzzles) and Quest modes (100 games)
  • Prepare for your opponent, opening and custom trees

Play In Classical Mode

You can play at any level you choose, from a rating of 800 to 3200, either with white or black, and either for fun (not counting for rating, you can take back moves), or in rated mode. Your games will automatically be saved in your games database and you will be able to analyze them in detail with the Grandmaster engine Houdini 5 to see what mistakes have been made.

Have Fun In Random Mode

The Random Mode is exclusive to Chess King, in which you can choose what advantage you want to start the game with and the number of pieces you want to have on the board. For example suppose you want to start with an advantage of +6 (the equivalent of 6 pawns advantage), Chess King will randomly select a starting position with the characteristics you decide and then you will play that position against Houdini 5 at the highest level. Anybody should win with such a crushing starting advantage, but you’ll see it’s not that easy!

Set Up Any Position

You can set up any position you like or even play any one of the 960 starting positions of Chess960. Chess King Platinum with Houdini 5 knows the complex castling rules of Chess960.

Search In The GigaKing Database

Look out for games of your favorite players in the GigaKing database. For example a search for Magnus Carlsen will give 1,777 games including all the games he played in official tournaments and many of his published exhibition matches and simultaneous exhibitions.

Learn With Puzzle Mode

You will learn with the puzzle mode, with hundreds of exercises from beginner level until Grandmaster level. Chess King Platinum will congratulate you for your success and tell you where you went wrong.

Huge Opening Tree

In the Analysis pane at the beginning of the game, either while analyzing some master game or when entering your own games in your own games database, you can follow the opening tree move by move to see what moves have been played in the whole history of chess and how much success they have had. It’s now easy to study a whole opening just by browsing opening moves, selecting lines, watching games of interest, and learning the ideas behind the opening moves.

Whole Game Evaluation Graph And Houdini 5 Pro Analysis

In the Analysis Pane after the opening stage one sees the game notation and comments, the whole game evaluation graph and below the best lines calculated by the engine Houdini 5 Pro. In this position below black could have taken the advantage by taking the pawn on e5, giving an evaluation of -0.86 (Black would have an advantage of close to 1 pawn equivalent), and instead played a bad move a4, which gave an evaluation of +0.49, which means white is up the equivalent of 1/2 pawn. With Chess King Platinum Pro you will know the best moves in each position.

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