DGT Revelation AE Processor Upgrade (Upgrade original model to 5th Anniversary Edition)

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About The DGT Revelation AE Processor Upgrade (Upgrade original model to 5th Anniversary Edition)

This processor upgrades your Revelation II 1st generation to the Anniversary Edition.

  • Includes shipping costs to DGT Service Center and back to you.
  • 1Ghz Processor with improvements

What is the upgrade process?

After you order the AE Processor Upgrade from Chess House, here are the steps you can plan on.

  1. You will receive a shipping label from Chess House, which will include insurance.
  2. You will mail the Revelation computer with power accessories only using the label provided (no chess pieces).
  3. Package well, placing the Revelation in the protective cloth bag it originally came in.
  4. Add extra protection to ensure safety in transit, foam corners, peanuts, etc. (If you need help with packaging, take it to a FedEx store)
  5. Allow between 1 to 2 weeks for Upgrade procedure after arrival at DGT.
  6. DGT will repackage in new, secure box for delivery to you after the upgrade is complete.
  7. We will notify you when the upgrade is complete and it's on the way to you again.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Arnold Howard
Upgrade processor for Revelation II

Once it was made clear that I could install the processor myself, the remaining transaction went well.

Russell Lloyd
Revelation II upgrade

The process couldn't have been smother! ChessHouse was on top of everything. A++ Service!

We're so happy this was a good experience for you! =)