Interview with a Grandmaster - Summerscale

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About The Interview with a Grandmaster - Summerscale

There are many talented chess players in the world, but very few makes it to the exalted level of grandmaster. In this book Aaron Summerscale questions his grandmaster colleagues about what makes them tick and how they have acquired the highest title that can be awarded in chess. What are the key factors? Talent, hard work, determination or a combination of all three? Read this book and find out.

  • 144 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Everyman
  • Published: January, 2002
  • The result of their very well-conducted interviews and research is that all readers of their work will get treated to a most enjoyable and valuable insight into the thoughts, feelings, and favorite games of the nine selected celebrities. Paul Motwani - The Scotsman
  • Overall this book is an excellent read, whilst it is also packed full of much useful advice which readers can try and apply to their own games, although the authors do conclude that sadly, but unsurprisingly, only hard work is the key to improvement. Brilliant bedtime reading. Richard Palliser
  • The book made an interesting change from instructional manuals and opening monographs. It makes a good relaxing bedtime read, being both entertaining and at the same time opening up the mind and the psyche of top players to us lesser mortals. Alan Sutton - En Passant

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