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$499.00 USD

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Product Details

For those who enjoy well made wood craft, this entirely unique cabinet by our artist JLP is a stunning piece of workmanship to help you enjoy chess in your home.

Why this discount?

The quality standard for these boards is very high and as they enter the warehouse each one is inspected to make sure they are absolutely amazing. Sometimes they are not quite amazing, so we move them to imperfect status, for reasons that might be insignificant or imperceptible to some people. But we want to keep the quality amazing for those sold as first rate. Additionally, sometimes minor imperfections appear during the manufacturing process and it would be a shame to discard the product after so much effort and material has gone into making it to that point. Sometimes we accepted a few of these boards at a discounted rate and pass the savings on to someone who loves this style of chessboard but really wants a break on price

Original description:

For those who enjoy well made wood craft, this entirely unique cabinet by our artist JLP is a stunning piece of workmanship to help you enjoy chess in your home.

The chess board itself is finished to perfection on both sides. It is surrounded by a leather padded border enabling the board be easily lifted from the cabinet, a unique aspect of the design. This lets you play on the chessboard itself elsewhere in your home should you wish to leave the cabinet in its place.

The JLP hardwood cabinet's storage drawers keep your chessmen safe and dust free, fitting any Staunton style chessmen appropriate to the chessboard square sizes of 2" or 2 1/4"

  • Solid hardwoods in walnut and maple or wenge and maple
  • Dimensions of Cabinet with Board: 22 1/4"L x 22 1/4"W x 3 1/4"H
  • Board sizes 18" with 2.25" squares or 16" with 2" squares
  • Double sided board finish (turn over to enjoy the other side)
  • Two drawers with felted interior.  Each drawer can fit an entire set of tournament size 4" pieces with extra queens and piece base sizes up to 1.7"
  • Drawer dimensions: 10"W x 9 1/4"D x 1 3/4"H 
  • Cabinet base is felt to protect table surfaces
  • Add your own pieces or select one of the options recommended.
  • 100% handcrafted in USA by a Chess House exclusive artist.
  • Pieces shown not included (see options for pieces)

About the Artist

John has a rich woodworking heritage in the state of Pennsylvania. Originally from Switzerland, the skills were passed down through five generations. This lost art of woodworking is continually refined, blending timeless methods with the latest knowledge of wood behavior.

For example every design must be carefully planned with the appropriate wood selection and cuts to account for variations in humidity that cause natural expansion and contraction of wood. To craft a wood product that will last for generations, John gives great attention to every phase of production including wood selection, drying, cutting, curing, crafting, and the multi-step finishing process that results in the smooth, elegant, lustrous finish for which the JLP products are known.

Every product is personally overseen by John and must meet his standards before releasing them to Chess House.

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