Large 4 Player Silicone Chess Set with Cloth Drawstring Bags

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  • $55.00 USD

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Product Details

Four players can have a grand time playing chess with this unique chess with silicone pieces and 160 squares. That's a whole lot of room to roam with tactical craziness to surprise even the most confident players.

The green and white roll-up board is paired with 4 colors of silicone pieces for an unusually fun chess experience.

The 3 1/2" tall silicone pieces are quiet, flexible club pieces that are fun to play. Two drawstring bags are included to store the pieces. If you ever lose a piece, replacements are readily obtained from Chess House.


  • Includes 4 colors of silicone chess pieces and vinyl chess board.
  • Board size: 24'' x 24"
  • Square size: 1 5/8"
  • King height: 3 1/2''

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Durable Set

A rugged and very durable set. Like the feel of silicone pieces. Will travel well. A little more weight in the piece would be nice. Thank you.

5-Star VALUE & Quality!!

The 4-Player Chess/Checkers board is PERFECT size and high-quality for long-life! . . . The Silicone Chessmen were beautiful & a SUPER VALUE with this set!! . . . and the drawstring bags are strong plus attractive! HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION for purchase!!!


This set was a hit before we even had our First Official Meeting of the year! After announcing it to our E-Mail Group...The phone was off the Hook Crazy with people asking when they could see the set and would I bring it to the next meeting!! Of COURSE... We first met "un-officially" this year at a Local McDonald's with another club and it was GREAT to SEE Everyone CHECK-OUT the pieces! Quite a bunch of business cards were passed out and Everybody wanted a set! One of Our members owns a bunch of "Other" sets but now will only play with his SILICONE SET! He "Loves" the fact that the pieces are quiet and "CAN'T BE THUMPED"!! They "HOLD UP WELL" in his case that he keeps in his car! They do not "CRACK/CHIP/or PEEL" when dropped!! KIDS LOVE THEM! Probably I shouldn't mention this but... My wife wanted to "TEST" them out by throwing it against the wall! It bounced like a "CRAZY Super-Ball" and we had a "HECK of a TIME" finding it as it bounced around and scored "2 Points" ending-up in the trash "BASKET"! While I don;t advise tossing them around ...The "TEST" proved a success & "The Silicone Pieces" are Definitely DURABLE!! Ask My WIFE! I am anxiously awaiting our First "OFFICIAL" Meeting this MONDAY! THANKS to The CHESS HOUSE for having these GREAT PIECES! Now IN COLORS!!!

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