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About The Ron Black Custom Concrete Chess Tables

Environment friendly chess tables by Ron Black turn recycled material into eye-catching tables to enjoy the beauty of chess and help the environment at the same time.

Granite or marble squares are surrounded by a creative mix of recycled glass and Portland cement. Every finished table surface is a unique work of art, measuring 24 inches square and 2 inches in depth. The fiber reinforced unique cement formula is a mix so strong that 8-15000 pounds instead of the normal 5000 PSI could be applied. The design process for each table includes precisely crafting the mold, customizing the cement color mixture, glass, and granite or marble selection. A pour sits overnight and the moisture is carefully controlled. Each square has proper spacing to allow them to settle and avoid air pockets. The 7 step grinding and polishing process ranges from 50 grit wet grinding to 3000 grit wet polishing for a beautiful finish. It is finally sealed with multiple coats of hand applied Sikagard concrete sealer. Cold and heat are fine, locally temperatures swing from 18 F to well over 100 F.

Get creative with the way table surfaces are displayed, but keep in mind that each one is 90-95 pounds so it is important for safety reasons that if it's on a table it has four legs not three. There are a few styles available for special order, or you can supply your own. (see Table Bases below)

Ron can be creative with each table, for example one of the tables he built had nine cobalt blue droplets. He can crush the glass into sand as well as color the Portland cement. Customizations are available and they do impact the price. Tables start at $750 and go up in price if extensive customizations are ordered. Each table is a unique, handmade, true original, no two are the same. Table tops are made with white or gray cement, and you can provide a concrete color from the pigment chart. An exact color match is not guaranteed due to the many variables involved with concrete, but Ron is skilled & experienced in providing a quality product beyond your expectations.

*STARTING: the first step is deciding on a concrete pigment. This photo shows a tan, green, and dark gray. The other standard colors are black, white, and beige. If you want to be extra creative with special colors in the Concrete Pigment Color Chart below, these require a special quote since it adds from 1-5 pounds additional pigment at a cost of around $40/lb.

STEP 2: The next step is to check the boxes of recycled glass colors you would like. Usually 2-3, but any number is fine.

STEP 3: Choose from the granite and marble swatches for both the light and dark squares. A few cost extra due to very limited supply and very attractive properties.

STEP 4: Mention any special Inlays you might like. (a name, special design, a favorite coin. Use your originality.)

STEP 5: Decide how you will support the table with a base. Your own, a powdercoated steel, or handforged base.

  • Table mold is 24" x 24" and 2" in depth
  • Square size is 1 7/8"
  • There is 2" from the squares to the edge
  • Concrete: grey or white with as many colors of glass as you want in the cement
  • Glass color: clear white, cobalt blue, emerald green, grass green, hunter green, olive green, olive yellow, root beer brown and sea foam green
  • Squares: recycled granite or marble. Since we are recycling we cannot guarantee the availability of granite and marble selections but we will do the best to fulfill the customer's selection.
  • 90-95 pounds
Lead Time and Delivery Cost: Allow three weeks for production time and delivery. Tables ship via FedEx anywhere in the US 48 states currently. $150 flat rate.

Care: After curing, table tops are sealed with Sikagard Natural Look Sealer, a professional high quality natural, look clear sealer. Sikagard protects against the elements, such as water and chlorides. Sikagard improves resistance to dirt and reduces the growth of fungi and moss. It provides superior penetrating ability and long lasting protection. Reseal it every two years if the table is going to be outdoors. It is recommended that the Sikagard is poured on and rubbed into the table with gloved hands. Clean the table with rubbing alcohol at any time when needed.

    Table Bases (optional)

    Table tops do not include a table base. But table bases can be ordered and customized to your liking.

    Hand Forged table bases are created by a local blacksmith and start at $975.

    Another style, Powder Coated steel with adjustable leveling legs for those uneven surfaces. It is 24" x 24" x 18" high. The table base is constructed of 1 1/2" and 2" square tubing with a flat bar border to prevent the concrete table top from sliding off the base. The table base is professionally welded, sandblasted and powder coated. Well designed for maximum support. 32 pounds.

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