African Chess Set - Zulu / Ndebele (Small)

Product Code: ZTC01-S

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Product Details

This African Themed Chess set with Authentic Zulu/Ndebele designs is shipped in a durable double walled box with dye cut foam insert and is made in South Africa by local artists.

This beautiful African People's Themed chess set includes both the African Chess Board as well as African Tribal Chess Pieces.

Chess Pieces:

The chess pieces are molded from high-quality Polystone (resin & stone) that offers a smooth porcelain-like finish and then meticulously hand-painted by talented African artists who only use the best oil paints to deliver incredibly detailed designs.

  • The king - Ndebele chief/Zulu chief
  • The queen - Ndebele matron/Zulu matron
  • The knight - cheetah/lioness
  • The bishop - Ndebele witchdoctor/Zulu Sangoma
  • The rook/castle - Ndebele hut/Zulu hut
  • The pawn – Ndebele warrior/Zulu warrior


Chess Board:

The solid, durable wooden chess board is finished off with a beautiful hand painted Polystone frame

The small chess set's design is virtually the same as the large set, however the board as well as the chess pieces at 70% of the large chess set in size


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The chess board has weight and is nicely crafted with beautiful etchings. The chess pieces are wonderfully made in size and quality. The pieces are lightweight but the weight is substantial enough for gameplay. The pictures are great but you will appreciate the artwork so much more in person! The set is a gift and I couldn’t be more proud to give this to my avid chess lover! The shipping was lightning fast and so securely packed! I really appreciate the diligence in the craftsmanship and the care they put into making sure it is delivered safely. So gorgeous! Thank you!

Nimota Jaji
Best Gift (I’ve ever given)

I actually didn’t know what to get my boyfriend for his birthday so I started googling like any clueless gift giver would do. He loves chess so I searched for custom chess sets. While browsing this site, I saw the Zulu/Ndebele set and almost lost my mind because my boyfriend is half Zulu and half Ndebele! I cannot wait for him to open this gift because I know he’s going to love it. Thanks so much for helping me give what I think is the most personalized gift I have ever bought for anyone!!

Update: Perfectly packaged, best condition, and worth every penny!

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