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Product Details

SquareOff uniquely offers automated piece movements, powered by advanced robotics. With a few taps, connect with anyone, from across the table to across the globe. Between SquareOff and Chess.com, over 30 million players available.


Play with Others

It's app connected so you can play with anyone, anywhere, right on your board.

Playing AI

The board comes with an intelligent AI that quickly adjusts to your level of expertise. It's based on Stockfish and you can select from a wide range of ELO rating levels, 800 to 3300.

Auto Reset

The board automatically resets pieces to their starting position after every game making things ready for the next game.

Live Stream

Discover new strategies as you live stream professional chess matches right on your board.

Analyze your game

Work on your past moves, enhance your gaming skills and prepare better for your next game.

Battery Powered

Integrated battery power with long life ensures you can enjoy cord free play for many hours at a time (12+)

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Square Off devices purchased on Square Off store come with a limited warranty of 12 months starting from the date of delivery. The limited warranty only covers product defects caused by workmanship or build materials. Any repair and replacement service covered by warranty, along with shipping and handling, will be free within this period.

What's in the box?




23.74"x 19.05"x 1.92"


5.4 kg


BLE 4.1



Chess Pieces: 

32 + 2(queen)


DC Adapter




1 year

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Michael L
Second Purchase

Its a Xmas Gift, so if all parts are operable like two years ago, be happy

Been waiting for this since 80s

This is a great way to play chess. If you are in an area that doesnt have many players or just a recloose then this is the way to go. You feel like you are playing an opponent in the chair across from you and can even play someone across the world as if they were there. You can replay, view historic tournament games as if they were here. You can learn from this board. I am a winter player and this board keeps me busy and thinking in the long winters in Canada. The board does not always reset the peices correctly but most of the times it works. The only drawback with this purchase was delivery and communication with Square off. They are totally unorganized company. I waited many months for delivery and then received two shipments. I had to return one. Communication was almost none exsistant. I hope they have improved. So great product ,very innovative but be prepared to wait and be frustrated before you get it.

Not impressed

The app is worthless, can't do much on chess.com at all hence making OTB games really only viable against the AI which is a lot less fun.

For this price I wouldn't recommend

Thank you for your feedback on this product.

Regarding Chess.com, having worked with nearly all the available electronic boards and seeing issues related to all of them, it is important to point out that Chess servers such as LiChess and Chess.com are an essential part of this equation.

It has been noted that a number of syncing issues (and not just with Square Off) have been due to API limitations and the way they have been coded. It has only been this year that Chess.com has opened up their server for all electronic chessboards and it will likely take a few changes to their programming to make the server more robust. You might try LiChess as it seems to have less problems reported by customers?

Big and Slippery

The board does take up some room, to accommodate the move mechanism underneath, which is not fast by any means. Having the board reset itself is unique the first couple of times; after that it's easier and less time-consuming to do it yourself. The rosewood finish is very nice. This is not a tournament size board. The pieces are a bit slippery on the board, and you'll find yourself knocking stuff over quite a bit. Mechanism is not quiet, but not obnoxiously loud. When playing as black, you will have to rotate the board to you, or sit on the other side of the board, as far as I can tell. Not aware of a workaround for this. Can't wait for the Neo to arrive, which seems to run much faster.

Leon Hopkins
Move Recognizion Problems

For some reason it’s not responding to some of my moves. Sometimes I have to try the move several times before it recognizes it. At times I use my finger to press on the squares and this is intermittent as well. Very frustrating. I have not found that the problem is only with certain squares. On the other hand most moves are recognized and things work very smoothly. I am sure others have had the same problem and hopefully you can tell me a fix . I am pleased with the board but would be very pleased if it wasn't for this one problem. Thanks for your help and response.

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