Standard Chess Club Kit (up to 20 players)

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About The Standard Chess Club Kit (up to 20 players)

The Standard Chess Club Kit for up to 20 players is a low cost, high quality way to equip your chess club or class with the standard in chess sets and supplies. Each item in the Standard Chess Club Kit has been selected for it's quality and proven reliability. Our chess club kits come with forest green chessboards since they improve concentration and are easy on the eyes.

  • Ten(10) sets of the "club special" regulation chess set pieces loved for their consistent break-free reputation, produced in Hong Kong and perfect for chess clubs and schools.
  • Ten(10) vinyl rollup chessboards perfect for storing and all chess club needs.
  • Ten(10) Chess Bags: in order to keep your chess pieces set by set, we've selected the chess bags that will easily store each set of chess pieces with a quick drawstring style closure.
  • One(1) Ultimate wall-hanging Demonstration Chessboard. Designed for classroom instruction or presentation of a chess game to the whole chess club, it's called "Ultimate" for a reason! Chess teachers that have used both styles usually prefer this demo board. It's so easy to use and see across the room. The pieces are especially easy to slide into the clear pockets.
  • Twenty(20) quality chess scorebooks each containing sheets for 50 games, great for students wanting to improve from their own play!
  • Twenty-five(25) embossed chess pencils that always go over well - especially with the kids.
TIP: Be sure to roll up the chessboards with the chess board squares facing outward. This ensures that the board will lay flat when later in use.

Optional: Most chess clubs will need chess clocks. We've left the choice open to you! See the bulk chess clock packages we have for chess clubs and schools.

Chess Piece Guarantee:
Have you lost a piece? That's no problem, simply contact us with your order number for free replacement chess set pieces!


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