Super Nezh (Hardcover) - Pishkin

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About The Super Nezh (Hardcover) - Pishkin

Raised in austere circumstances and learning to play checkers as well as he played chess, he became the Russian chess champion five times. His method was: ATTACK...ATTACK...ATTACK. His Tartar ferocity became legendary. World champion Mikhail Tal had become his victim so many times that Nezh became one of his trainers! Nezh was more than a giant killer, he produced some games of genius-like creativity, such as the one against Polugaevsky in 1958. He could deliberate for the longest periods of time, over a game which appeared lost, only to finally reveal what he knew all along, that the game was his. Besides his incessant ability to make deep combinations, he was also a purveyor of opening novelties, the best known being his 1954 origination of the Poisoned Pawn line in the Najdorf Sicilian (used later with great success by World Champion Bobby Fischer). His chess (being a 1. e4 player) embodied the Ruy Lopez, the Sicilian Defense, and the King's Indian Defense.

Only once in a while does a true chess assassin come forward, a player of great imagination, ability, and fearlessness. Nezhmetdinov was one in a very elite group.

Author From Syktyvkar, Russia came ICCF-IM Alex Pishkin. Known for his exploits at correspondence chess, Pishkin will have several books for Thinkers' Press on Russian and ex-Soviet masters--this is his first. The next will be 100 Years of Gladiatorial Chess. He had met Nezhmetdinov on several occasions. Unfortunately, Mr. Pishkin died in 1999 at the conclusion of the second draft of this book. He considered it "his baby". May his books live!

  • 222 Pages
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Thinker's Press
  • Published: 2002
  • Notation: Algebraic Notation

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Great volume

Excellent book about one of the most underrated chess attacking masters ever.

Walter Mach

Great book, great seller. Nothing to complain about. Highly recommended!