Advanced Chess Computers

It's ready to play chess any time and at your level! Have you played a friend ... and never won? No longer! You can choose the playing level.

Advanced electronic chess sets give you a strong opponent, many playing modes, and a variety of levels. Electronic chess computers also help reduce screen time and eye strain while providing physical interactivity that's good for our brains.

With computers like the Millennium Genius and Genius Pro, you use your finger or the edge of a piece and press lightly on the squares to input your move. With the others, the pieces are recognized automatically and you simply just move the piece. The computer "thinks" and then responds on the display and you assist the computer in the same way with its move on the board. The computer ensures the rules of the game are followed, illegal moves avoided, provides move strength analysis, can suggest moves and provide weak move warnings, kind of like a coach.

You can take back any time and enjoy many more features with these advanced computers. As you play more and more, you will become familiar with pitfalls and mistakes to avoid, improve your confidence and your game in tournaments and beyond.

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