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About The Chess House Drawstring Bag

This bag has a unique backstory and is designed for any set of plastic or wood pieces that aren't easily damaged. With some care, any set can be stored and kept dust free and away from pets when it's stored inside these quality bags.


When Raphael (current CEO and co-founder) and his family were first starting out in chess as school-age players in the 90's, their mother, Margaret, hand-made white drawstring bags at home to carry their first chess sets. Those white drawstring bags made it through the decades and became the inspiration for this chess bag. It has since become well know by current fans of the unique line of Chess House items that celebrate the game and its benefits for people.

When you own and use this drawstring pouch, remember it came from the dedication of a mother who supported her kids pursuing the game of chess throughout their years of education.

One or two?

One is adequate for small sets with up to a 3 3/4" King. (It will just fit a standard club set but with no room to spare.  Get two if you want to make sure there's plenty of space or if you wish to store each color separately.  Two bags also lets two players work together in setting up and putting away the pieces.

Included with many sets

Many of our wooden chess pieces, wood sets, and higher quality plastic sets already include a pair of bags in the price.


  • Price is for each bag
  • 6.5" x 8.5"
  • Material: Durable Soft Canvas

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
George Watson
Perhaps a variety of sizes ?

I wish there was a smaller version where you can place the white pieces in one bag and the black pieces in the other, so they would fit into my carrying bag, as all the pieces in one bag is too big to fit into my carrying bag.

Kevin Kennedy
I'm pleased

Very good quality bags. Buy with confidence.

Linda Molnar
Drawstring chess piece bags

I ordered 4 drawstring chess piece bags for our 2 chess sets. Quality of bag is heavy and drawstring is thick will hold up with lots of use. The Chess House logo gives a classy look completing a professional look with the board as well as being useful. Highly recommend for yourself or as a gift.

Chuck moody
Great Bags!!

Thank you chess house so much for shipping me these bags with my commander Staunton chess pieces! I've made hand-sewn bags for myself in the past and when I got these with my chess pieces I could not be more pleased they are tough canvas bags that are just the perfect size for me

David Schigoda
Nice bags for chess pieces

These bags came with my chess pieces. They are just the right size, and are made of very thick, heavy fabric, with heavy drawstrings at the top. Nice.