Chess House Drawstring Bag

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Product Details

White drawstring bags by Chess House are ideal for wooden chess pieces.

One may be adequate, but with two you'll have an extra room and you can store colors separately. Give a bag to your opponent and find out who gets the white or black pieces. And, it's faster for setup and putting them away.

  • Price per bag
  • 6.5" x 8.5"
  • Material: Soft Canvas

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Chess House drawstring bag.

I ordered 8 of these. They're great for storing my favorite wood chess pieces. I use one bag for each color and they fit into the pouch of my board bag easily. It also makes it easier to rotate chess sets without having to grab handfuls of pieces. Just switch out 2 bags for 2 bags. Easy...

Storage bag to go!!!

Your draw string Chess House chess piece bag is the perfect size for your smaller chess pieces! It's made of heavy duty cloth material with the Chess House logo on one side! The quality and craftsmanship is made to last!! I highly recommend this product, you won't be disappointed!!!

Excellent quality bags for loose pieces.

I am completely satisfied with my purchase of two Chesshouse drawstring bags. They are well made and exactly what I expected. For the cost they can not be beat in quality and astetics. Very attractive and durable.

Portable protection for precious pieces

I use these thick bags to hold and protect chess pieces such as my favorite wooden chess pieces or specialized pieces with electronics such as those used with DGT boards. I use one bag per color so that they are not too crowded inside and the drawstring can be closed properly. Even when filled with pieces, these drawstring bags still fit in the pouches of the carrying cases for 17-21 inch wooden chessboards. This prevents pieces from accidentally falling out of the carrying case during transport and provide extra protection when stored.

Great Quality

I'm totally satisfied with Timeless Chess Set.

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