Supreme Tournament 55 Millennium Electronic Chess Set

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About The Supreme Tournament 55 Millennium Electronic Chess Set

The Supreme Tournament 55 electronic chess board by Millennium is tournament-size with luxury features. It is suitable for online and offline chess applications.

The large chess board includes dimmable LEDs and an immersive playing experience where focus can remain on the chessboard.

Move the pieces naturally while lightning-fast RFID piece recognition takes care of the rest. Even setting up custom chess positions is easy as child's play. 

To use the Tournament 55, you'll need a chess engine (playing module). 

The modular Millennium system allows flexibility and power of external playing modules that you can plug in to the board for various types of play. We recommend the Classics Element module, the most current and powerful chess engines to play offline chess.

CHESS LINK OPTION: Play Online with this Module. 

With the ChessLink module and free apps, you can play online on Lichess and For professional tournaments, you can use the platform. You play directly on the board - against millions of people around the world! Your opponent's moves are displayed with the LEDs on the board. Enjoy real gaming experience and concentration while playing online like never before.

CLASSICS ELEMENT OPTION: Two classic chess engines to play against.

With this elegant real wood module, play your MILLENNIUM sensor board with piece recognition with two legendary chess programs: The King by Johan de Koning and ChessGenius by Richard Lang.

Luxury features include

  • Expertly finished real wood veneer chessboard with 55mm square size (2.18")
  • Fully automatic piece recognition with ultra-fast RFID scanning technology
  • 81 LEDs (4 per square) for move indication
  • Dimming and Switching off/on of the LEDs via the logo badge
    • This useful for switching off the LEDs for tournament games (yet still allows for move recording) or quick adjustments without needing to access computer module menus. 
  • Hand-carved, extra heavy high-end pieces set made of real wood (American Staunton 3.75" style) with additional queens per color for pawn promotion

Equipped for all uses

  • Online Play against other people on and (requires connection via ChessLink module and respective apps)
  • Several options to play using mobile or PC apps like HIARCS and Chess for Android (also requires connection via ChessLink module)
  • Offline play through Millennium chess computer modules (Exclusive, Element)
  • Move recording via piece detection for any apps / modules offering 2-player mode

Storage made easy

The Supreme Tournament 55 e-Board is delivered in an elaborate gift box with carrying handle. It protects the board, pieces and any optional accessories (including ChessLink, ChessVolt and Element) when not in use.

Technical Data

  • 81 LEDs for move indication on the board (dimmable, can be switched off)
  • Fully automatic piece recognition
  • Dimensions 55 x 55 x 2 cm
  • Connectors: Mini-Din 4 pin, for connection with all Millennium 9V modules

Included in box

  • Electronic chess board
  • Chess pieces
  • 9V Power Adapter
  • Connecting cable, mini Din 4 pin
  • All packed in a high quality gift and storage box


  • Board Size: 21.7 inches
  • Board Height: .79 inches
  • Square Size: 2.17 inches
  • King Height: 3.75 inches


Supreme Tournament 55 Electronic Chess Board - M850 

    Product Specs

    Board Size
    Square Size
    King Height
    King Base

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Steve Shook
    Awesome Electronic Chess Board.!

    The wooden chess pieces are big & heavy and they have extreme detail especially the knights! The Millennium Element with "The King" has Grand Master strength and is rated 2594 by the Wiki-Elo-Liste Schachcomputer Website. I don't need to go online and play when I have this "bad boy" kicking my butt every day. The board itself is very big and beautiful.! The addition of the off-on switch is nice also. Thank You Chess House for the very quick and reliable service!

    Highly Recommended.!!!

    Stephan S.

    Paul L

    The difference between the playing experience on the M826 as opposed to playing on an online chessboard app is surprising, but the difference between playing on the M850 as opposed to playing on the M826 is even more surprising!

    John W
    Awesome chessboard!

    Wow what a beautiful chessboard, the quality is amazing. I love the led lighting and the ease to play on LiChess or against hundreds of engines via Arena on my PC. The only problem I’ve experienced was getting it out of the box, the sleeve fits

    Michael McFarland
    Supreme Tournament 55

    Incredible service, delivery 2 days before promised, good quality and workmanship. Paired with the Millennium Chess Master this board has become a daily companion, opponent, and tutor. I love it!

    Great board

    In starting to play over the board in tournaments (OTB) I'd been finding it hard to see the board as well as online. Also, I'd find myself being anxious and having unfocused thoughts in longer OTB games. This is a great board to get more comfortable with OTB!

    The customer service as Chess House has been unmatched. They fielded many emails and chats to help me narrow down my purchase.

    That the board recognizes which piece is which is a joy for quickly setting up and trying positions I've had problems with in games.

    I highly recommend this board with a chess link if you have the budget.