Two Multi-Color Silicone Chess Set Combos

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Product Details

Here's a fun combo that contains two full chess sets with color combinations to be creative!

Whether you want to play black and white on a green board or red and teal and a black board, that's just the start of how you can match them up.

Best of all, you have two complete sets so if you have many chess players in the home, you have options.

The 3 1/2" tall silicone pieces are quiet, flexible club pieces that are fun to play and perfect for kids. You get all four colors in this kit! The 20" club style chess board is the same size used in schools and clubs. There's even a 12x9" bag to store each chess set and board as shown.

If you ever lose a piece, replacements are readily obtained from Chess House.

Want even more fun? Add the optional 4 player chess board with 160 squares.

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Exactly what I wanted! Great quality!

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