2 in 1 Chess & Checkers Game Set

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About The 2 in 1 Chess & Checkers Game Set

This 2 in 1 Chess and checker game set is a charming combination for game time. With easily recognized, tall wooden pieces, handcrafted in Poland, along with matching checkers, it's a board game combo that delivers plenty of character. The ornate design is complete with notation coordinates to help those who refer to coordinates while making moves.

Plush felt provides for, smooth, quiet play and the storage inside keeps it all nicely put together. The handmade piece construction shows attention to detail, and the overall design is attractive.

    • Board size: 13 1/2
    • Felted interior
    • 1 1/2" Squares
    • 32 chessmen included
    • Green felted bases
    • King measures 2 3/4" tall with 1" base
    • 24 Checkers measuring 1"

Product Specs

Board Size
Square Size
King Height
King Base

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Douglas Nguyen
Don't sleep on this set

I first got the ambassador set, but then realized that at the below $200 mark, you'd be hard pressed to find a well made set because of the extensive decoration. This is cheaper, more simple and clean in its design. Naturally it feels cheap because it is cheap. The actual surprise of the set is actually in the pieces. They feel light, but the complexity of the pieces are higher than expected as opposed to something like you'd find in chess armory's set. The one downside with this set is that there is no bags for the pieces to be stored. So if you play either game, you must take all the pieces out. Which is a tad annoying. In end, its a fantastic set for the money. If you want a more decorative set, you should invest a substantial amount more.

Cam Buxton
Beautiful Set

It came with green felt not red. And the inside of the storage area shed some felt at first. But the quality of the wood was excellent and the details were well done. And I like the fact it came with checkers.

Roberto Rivera
Let the Games Begin

Today life style has placed the human race to be subjected to social Distancing and self quarantine. This board beautifully done has made it easier to play against friends over the cell phone. awesome!!!
Well only one thing I received the set and I had a small occurrence where a cup a water spilled and the water managed to find it way under the board . Though I quickly picked it up the edge got wet. That’s when I learned that the set wasn’t lacquered or coated. The stain had leaked on my hands and managed to keep the stain from ruining other items.
I emailed the ChessHouse asking for recommendation. I got a response just to apply a lacquer.
I purchased from Home Depot a Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane clear matte spray. It took me 2 day to apply to the board and the pieces and it came out extremely well. I think I might put felt on the bottom edge of the board in the future.
I still love the set and currently playing friends via cellphone.

lauretta Zucchetti
Chess board

Excellent quality vs price

James R Rigas
Styrofoam packing materials

The chess and ckecker board and prices are good but the styrofoam packing materials are absolutely terrible! Please don’t ship these items with styrofoam packing materials.