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Chess attracts kids like a ball attracts soccer players. Kids have even more fun when you choose a suitable kid's chess set!

A medium "Club" style chess set, in particular our "Flex Pad" designs, are the perfect place to start young players. With this size, there are beneficial hand and arm motions that strengthen learning.

Learning happens when a child has fun, plays with a chess set they like, and when they are not overwhelmed. Starting out with exploring the piece Names and the most basic movements enables a child to have Fun and not be overwhelmed. Our basic Chess Rules guide will help you introduce the game well!

Here are some kid's chess set buying tips

  1. Flex Pad or Club style sets are very portable and suitable for ANY play. We recommend everyone has one in their home.
  2. An electronic chess set is great for play and practice at any level.
  3. A chess table is great for the game room and offers extra large pieces that are fun for small hands.
  4. A wooden chess set can be especially meaning for for families who have parents or grandparents who wish to play with and help a child learn.

With any of these kid’s chess sets, the pieces are easily replaced by Chess House if they are lost. Any of the sets below will be enjoyed by young chess players whether they play at home, in the classroom, or other places.


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Quality Club Flex Pad Chess Set Combo
Sale price$46.00 USD
Quality Club Chess Set on Flex Pad Board
Sale price$29.00 USD
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Chess Set Combo #8 Pink and Purple - Chess Set - Chess-House
Chess Set Combo #8 Pink and Purple
Sale price$61.00 USD Regular price$62.70 USD
World Chess Official Chess Set Academy Edition - Chess Set - Chess-House
World Chess Official Chess Set Academy Edition
Sale price$51.00 USD