3 1/2" Colored Silicone Club Chess Pieces - Half Set of 17 Pieces

Product Code: E104SC-TEAL

  • $9.50 USD

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Product Details

Quiet and flexible, the silicone club pieces are uniquely fun, intriguing, and safe with no hard plastic.

Ideal with 20" Roll-up boards and recommended for personal chess, classroom instruction and school chess clubs, and correctional institutions.

Price includes a single color of 17 pieces.
    • King height: 3 1/2"
    • Base size: 1.45"
    • King weight: .8 oz.
    • Set weight: 20.5 oz.
    • 2 queens per side

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews

    I am very satisfied with the product!

    I like these a lot :)

    I was looking for a "Christmas colors" type, Red and Green set of pieces. Think bright colored toys under the tree kind of look. The Red is (chef's kiss) perfect! The (Neon) green is bright and playful and a very saturated color (and I knew this - so I'm satisfied) but it wasn't exactly what I wished I could find. The next step down the green choices was just too dark and, well it felt slightly "drab" to me. But this is just me wishing for colors I happen to prefer. :D For YOU I would like to say loud and clear - the colors were definitely as advertised!

    I like the feel of the pieces on my shiny stone chess board. The way they really "plant" themselves feels good to me. I'm maybe a bit OCD and I hate when things wander outside the lines. ha ha ha

    Also, their weight is nice.

    If there is one (tiny) (honestly! tiny) thing I could hope for, it might be that I wish the "mold lines" could be trimmed or smoothed more perfectly. But do not misunderstand, the pieces are molded very nicely. I'm not talking about an issue of the molds not lining up or anything like that. These pieces are beautiful and well made. I love them so much I simply wish they were ridiculously perfect.

    Customer service was great.

    Price was great.

    Delivery was timely.

    I'd buy these again in a second!

    I recommend doing business with Chess House.


    Good Quality if not the items I ordered, Bad Customer Service

    The pieces look really great, I'd like to leave a 5 star review but they sent me incorrect colors along with incorrect items on my order. More than 3 weeks waiting for a response makes for a terrible customer experience. I'd be glad to change this up if I get some human interaction from this site and get my order solved. It's insane that after 3 weeks nobody can address or even communicate with a customer that did not receive what he paid for.


    Wonderful chess pieces. The size of the pieces are fantastic. Colors are vibrant. Bought this for my Grandson and he called me right after it arrived.
    He is supper happy with all of it.

    Excellent value

    Good choice when all my marble pieces were glued and replied through the exploits of many young ones. This set is perfect for a busy household, classroom, or travel! The weight of pieces is perfect also.

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