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About The the STACK Chessboard

Take this magical chessboard to your favorite place to play chess and you will be amazed about the attention it attracts.

The innovative STACK chessboard blends art and functionality and transforms seamlessly into a this eye-catching, solid hardwood chess board with an ultra-smooth furniture finish.

The STACK chess board is a fascinating and exclusive centerpiece and the most unique and functional chess board ever made. It's for those who have an eye for artistic craft, who appreciate extraordinary craftsmanship, and who enjoy the game of chess.

As each layer is placed, embedded magnets join the four quadrants to form a smooth and seamless 64 square game playing surface.

The soft suede wrap with embedded magnets artfully covers the STACK to both protect and enhance it's presentation and emphasize the exclusivity, uniqueness, and care that goes into every chessboard produced.

Those who appreciate attractive, well made goods will enjoy the fine maple and walnut hardwoods finished to perfection.

The STACK blends art and functionality in a complete unique and exclusive product crafted by hand in Pennsylvania. The completely original chessboard is suited for games with a friend or loved one or as a centerpiece representing innovation and intelligence. It's a perfect gift, a clever, refined, and bold work of art that transforms into a seamless and solid hardwood chess board that's both eye-catching and startlingly precise for a handcrafted product.

  • Solid walnut and maple hardwoods
  • Magnets seamlessly connect the 4 layers
  • Suede wrap in English Toast or Taupe color
  • 16" square chess board, 2" squares, 3/4" thickness
  • Add your own pieces or select one of the options recommended.
  • 100% handcrafted in USA by a Chess House exclusive artist.
About the Artist: John has a rich woodworking heritage in the state of Pennsylvania. Originally from Switzerland, the skills were passed down through five generations. This lost art of woodworking is continually refined, blending timeless methods with the latest knowledge of wood behavior. For example every design must be carefully planned with the appropriate wood selection and cuts to account for variations in humidity that cause natural expansion and contraction of wood. To craft a wood product that will last for generations, John gives great attention to every phase of production including wood selection, drying, cutting, curing, crafting, and the multi-step finishing process that results in the smooth, elegant, lustrous finish for which the JLP products are known. Every product is personally overseen by John and must meet his standards before releasing them to Chess House.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Sergey Maximov
Could be better

For $500 expected flawless product. Still not ideally crafted.

William V
Great quality, fair price

This stack board is so nice. I think it is easily worth $389. I finally have a board worthy of my pieces pictured. I'm certainly glad I bought it and I believe you will be too. From experience, don't leave men set up on it. Light turns real wood darker(yes). There will be light circles wherever the pieces were. I had to lightly sand an old chess table because of that.

Sean G.
Pretty nice!

Pretty nice so far! Board looks great and squares are cut evenly. Pairs well with the 3.4” pieces that I have.

Santiago Bedoya Díaz
Stack Stained

I have waited a long time to get a good piece of chess wood board like this. I was really happy the day I received this wonderful piece o art. So in terms of esthetics this is an amazing board. But just like a couple of weeks after I put the board with the pieces on, The ligth squiares got full of marks with the shape of the bottom of the piece. I am a chess fan and I have loads of chess board and the Stack is probably the most beautiful one, but also the most disfuntional one!!!! For the price you pay for it is really bad quality. I fully regreted to have spent this amount of money on this board.

Bruce Goldberg
Really Beautiful!

This chess board is really nice! So nice, in fact, that I don’t really want to take it out, even though that was the original idea, because I don’t want to scratch it up! The suede bag shows the wood off nicely, but its open side allows the pieces to slide out too easily. Still, this is a really beautiful chess board thats almost too nice!