Strato Chess

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Product Details

Take chess to new heights! Here's a fun variation of chess to stretch your mind and entertain you for hours.

These PDF instructions are better than what is included in the box.


  • 12" overall height
  • 8" acrylic (Lucite) chess boards on three levels
  • Aluminum S frame
  • 32 Felted plastic weighted chess pieces
  • King height: 2 3/4", base 1"
  • Some assembly, Instructions included

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Francis Smith
Three White Rooks, One White Knight

The set is fine.

Unfortunately, I received three white rooks and only one white knight. A minor point is that one of the white bishops has a loose magnet. I was expecting 2 queens but I have not done 3D chess before.

I sent an email the day after the set arrived about the pieces but have not heard back.

Bruce Bakken
Buyer Beware

Yes it assembles well.
The pieces are too large for the board. (The King is three squares high.) Very crowded and cumbersome. Ridiculous scale of pieces to board.
The bottom cross piece that helps it stand up, also causes the entire structure to tilt because the other side of the "base" does not have a corresponding piece of the same thickness.
I should have known by looking more closely at the photograph on the box; after all, it shows a slight tilt. And, there are 19 white pieces on the board! Including two Kings!
Oh sure, you can play with it.
But it is an overpriced piece of metal and acrylic junk. They sucked me in.
DO NOT BUY unless you really really want to play 3D chess and don't care about aesthetics or quality of design/components.

Joel Barton
Nice twist on Chess, 1st Office Spock (hailing from Vulcan, Alberta) would enjoy.

Nicely done, brought as a birthday present, assembly is very easy. At first thought I my thinking was the pieces might be better larger and easier to handle but with three levels the set might or may than have become too large, hard to tell if I don't have the tactile experience of handling a larger set. While it would be nice to handle regulation sized pieces but the balance between large enough and not to big seems to be about (pronounced "aboot"...for some reason if you American hearing a Canadian like me say it) right. Trekkies visit Vulcan for fun if you travel to Alberta, I live in Ontario

Kathleen Burr
Pieces same color

Ordered this for my sons birthday. All the pieces were black. Didn’t return because he has other sets and used one from them. He does love the game


My English teacher in 9th grade introduced me to strato chess we played every day at lunch our longest game and my first victory took 6 months. If you play plan on it being a long game 🤔🤗👍😀

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