Electronic Chess Clock Manuals

For years Chess House has sold a variety of chess clocks to meet the broad needs of every chess player. Up until recently, analog clocks have been the standard for chess; however, now digital clocks are starting to emerge as the market leader. They offer precision and features that analog clocks can't match.

A few of the electronic clocks bristle with features having multi-layered menus that offer nice customization options but also can require time to acquire the muscle memory and practice necessary to summon the magical powers of the clock and bend it to the will of the player. Others follow a more practical route, having the entire operating instructions on the bottom of the clock.

Our Chess Clocks page gives some quick pointers to find the right clock for your needs.

Here are some of the manuals in electronic form you can explore for datasheets or curiosity sake.



Chronos Manual


DGT Chess Clocks

DGT Easy Game Timer Manual (PDF)  | Tech Specs
DGT Easy Game Timer Plus Manual (PDF)  | Tech Specs
DGT XL Chess Clock (PDF)
DGT 960 Chess Clock (PDF)  | Tech Specs
DGT North American Chess Clock (PDF)  | Tech Specs
DGT 1001 (PDF)  | Tech Specs
DGT 1002 (PDF)  | Tech Specs
DGT 2010 (PDF)  | Tech Specs
DGT 3000 (PDF) (supersedes XL) | Tech Specs
DGT Game Cube (PDF)  | Tech Specs
DGT Game Pyramid (PDF)  | Tech Specs



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